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Artificial intelligence in social media In the ever-evolving realm of social media, where connections and communication are paramount, the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) has triggered a revolution that pledges to redefine the core of online engagement. Understanding the influence of Artificial Intelligence in social media on an ever-changing environment is vital for everyone whether […]

Blockchain introduction Blockchain is a decentralized and unalterable digital ledger or distributed database that ensures secure and transparent recording, verification, and storage of information. It operates through a network of computers, or nodes, with each node having a copy of the entire chain of blocks. Within the blockchain technology, each block contains a list of […]

Introduction Reliable drug supply chains are essential for public health. In recent years, counterfeit drugs have become a major issue, leading to thousands of individuals being poisoned or suffering from treatment failures. This has caused an increased demand for traceability in drug supply chains. Counterfeit drugs can be discovered in various places, such as local […]

Layer 0 Blockchain Protocol The Blockchain ecosystem works on multi-layered architecture that includes many protocol layers. These protocol layers consist of specific and unique purposes and functions. From the multi-layered architecture, the Layer 0 Blockchain forms the essential infrastructure upon which other layers operate.  Let’s explore the multi-layered architecture of blockchain, what is Layer 0 […]

Introduction The financial services sector is amid a digital revolution, with fintech leading the way. How we handle money, investments, and transactions is undergoing a radical transformation driven by innovation. And traditional practices are giving way to disruptive technologies and forward-thinking solutions.  But it’s not just about technology. It’s about fostering a culture of constant improvement […]

Introduction Life in a fast-paced world, in particular a ‘modern world’ where making decisions has become increasingly challenging, whether steering own life or overseeing large organizations. Decision-making depends heavily on data availability, whether it’s deciding everyday tasks or shaping the future of multinational companies. In today’s digital era data serves as the critical ingredient for […]