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Introduction Reliable drug supply chains are essential for public health. In recent years, counterfeit drugs have become a major issue, leading to thousands of individuals being poisoned or suffering from treatment failures. This has caused an increased demand for traceability in drug supply chains. Counterfeit drugs can be discovered in various places, such as local […]

Layer 0 Blockchain Protocol The Blockchain ecosystem works on multi-layered architecture that includes many protocol layers. These protocol layers consist of specific and unique purposes and functions. From the multi-layered architecture, the Layer 0 Blockchain forms the essential infrastructure upon which other layers operate.  Let’s explore the multi-layered architecture of blockchain, what is Layer 0 […]

Blockchain Technology in Smart Agriculture The agricultural sector continues to lag behind other industries when it comes to embracing the latest technologies. While the introduction and adoption of state-of-the-art machinery for production are evident, traditional methods are still employed for pre-harvest and post-harvest processing. For example, tracking, storing, and communicating agriculture information are still done […]

What is zk? zk refers to an acronym for zero-knowledge, which is a cryptographic word where one party can prove something to another party without sharing any extra information. In short, it allows the exchange of private information while maintaining its secrecy.  Zero-knowledge proofs enable a user to reveal their knowledge without actually revealing that […]

Product Ownership Management System Based on Blockchain POMS stands for product ownership management system. POMS systems can be used to verify the original ownership of the products. These systems are useful in eliminating counterfeit products from the market. Counterfeiting products, such as expensive and branded goods, is one of the most serious and difficult problems […]

Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have found extensive application across various sectors, with significant guidance on their utilization within the field of electronic healthcare. IoT devices possess the capability to enable the transmission of real-time sensor data from patients for processing and analysis. However, the utilization of this approach may lead to various […]