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The future of finance: Web 3.0 The requirement for Web 3.0 decentralised finance was planted during the year 2008 when the world experienced a financial meltdown that lasted nearly two years. The financial crisis resulted in an increase in unemployment, a decrease in institutional trust, suicides, and much more. It started with the collapse of […]

Top 10 Business-Critical Metaverse Marketing Trends for 2022 The metaverse is a virtual space created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical environments, including the use of avatars, text chat, and multimedia. The metaverse is also commonly referred to as cyberspace, Neville, or Cyberia. While some people consider the metaverse to be a purely fictional […]

What is consensus? A consensus protocol is a blockchain mechanism that ensures synchronization among the nodes and establishes an agreement upon the transactions and blocks to be considered legitimate and hence added to the blockchain. These are fault-tolerant methodologies to maintain a single state of the network and harmonize all the distributed nodes. The purpose […]

Validator Security: The first step to leveraging PoS Decentralization is the heart of PoS blockchains. Decentralization of security, consensus, ledger storage, and transaction validation is what ensures network and blockchain security. A blockchain is only as secure as its block creation mechanism. Proof of Stake is a mechanism in which token holders in the chain […]

Know Why Should One Start A DEX Like PancakeSwap Now? Did you ever think that the decentralized crypto exchange platform would have a great impact in recent times? Undoubtedly, Cryptocurrencies have grown steadfast, and with the help of blockchain technology, anything is possible. In such a case, PancakeSwap, a decentralized crypto exchange platform, has been […]

IPFS. A new protocol for resolving the internet and Blockchain’s current hurdles? Since the early 2000s when the Internet entered the global market for its utilization, there have been numerous modifications with regards to its overall structure and functioning as well. Whether be it the slow bandwidth speed of the internet, limited file download and/or […]