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What is Blockchain Blockchain maintains an asset provenance trail at every step of the process. This allows consumers to raise concerns about the environment, human rights, or if the industry is plagued by counterfeiting or fraud. Customers can view the origin directly through the process. Additionally, traceability data may reveal inefficiencies in the supply chain. […]

What is an NFT? A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is referred to as the non-interchangeable unit of information that is stored over the blockchain. NFT is stored in the form of a digital ledger, which can be traded and sold. Unlike cryptocurrencies, cryptographic tokens are non-fungible which makes them irreplaceable. For instance, the Bitcoin is a […]

Institutional investors carry strength to influence the market. The non-monopolistic nature of this currency has truly swept the market. With individuals devoted to adding digital assets into their portfolios and the maturity of the crypto market, it is inevitable for institutional investors to dive in too. Expansion of the digital asset market and the availability […]

Web 3.0 represents the concept of the third-generation World Wide Web (WWW). Its main objective is to completely decentralize the interconnected system of networks, which enables the users to read, write, and own data over the internet. It is expected to be the game-changer in the transition of the internet. It will be leveraging artificial […]

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are the financial security comprising digital information stored in the blockchain over the distributed ledger. The ownership of the NFT is secured in the blockchain and could be transported by the owner, enabling NFTs to be traded and purchased. The NFT marketplace facilitates the users to trade all kinds of digital artwork […]