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DeFi Smart Contract Development

DeFi Smart Contract Development

DeFi Smart Contract Development

We are a leading DeFi smart contract development company that assists businesses in creating a resilient security mechanism for their DeFi business requirements. This is followed by a smart contract audit done in multiple rounds by our hypercritical audit team

Our DeFi Smart Contract Development Services


DeFi Smart Contract Design

Based on decentralized finance business model requirements, our experts design customized smart contracts that accommodate business needs.
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DeFi Smart Contract Development

Our experienced team develops smart contracts that involve support for multi-chain transactions and address the security vulnerabilities effectively.
Defi Smart Contract Audit

DeFi Smart Contract Audit

Our audit team critically strains the smart contract to conduct manual and automated security testing to ensure a resilient DeFi solution.

Defi Smart contract optimization

DeFi Smart Contract Optimization

Expeditious transactions need an optimized smart contract to carry out transactions in real-time. This helps reduce the costs involved as well.

Smart Contract Vulnerabilities



The failure of a Smart contract in maintaining the atomicity of a transaction is known as “Reentrancy”, i.e. the triggering of a new transaction without finalizing the previous ones. These are introduced in the design phase making auditing mandatory.
Internal-External Dependencies

Internal/External Dependencies

Temporal or ordering dependencies form the soft points to exploit the network. Beyond that, internally as well these dependencies may make way for malicious miners to pose catastrophic threats to the system that may result in a major loss of assets.
Overflows and Underflows

Overflows and Underflows

Smart Contracts deal with transactions majorly in currency. This necessitates precision in calculations to maintain accuracy. As cryptocurrency is highly volatile, even small miscalculations may result in huge impacts on individuals’ asset values.
Short-Address Attack

Short-Address Attack

This is a bug in input validation from the sender’s end due to a weak code for transaction generation. When the platform allows for padding in the addresses, it is exploitable by miners who intend to flood the system and gain unauthorized access.
Front Running

Front Running

This scenario occurs when the transparency of the blockchain is misused to view and process the unconfirmed transactions, by interested “wealthy” traders that impact the overall system gas fee and the credibility of the consensus mechanism.
Replay Attack

Replay Attack

These attacks are exploited during hard forks on the blockchain. This is an inherently vulnerable stage for the system, malicious miners can exploit the system by faking valid transactions while performing illegitimate activities on the network.

Our Process

Fill out a form to schedule a meeting with our experts, insured through an NDA.
Requirements Analysis
Analyze the DeFi application to scrutinize the requirements of the smart contract.
Robust and compliant smart contract architecture is designed by our experts.
Smart-Contract Development
Our development experts create smart contracts ensuring top-notch security.
Our auditors conduct manual and automated tests for any possible vulnerabilities.
Smart Contract is integrated with every DeFi application and deployed post skeptic testing.
PrimaFelicitas provides post-deployment support to have a smart contract up-to-the-minute with an evolving technical framework.

Our Commitment

PrimaFelicitas is a premier DeFi development company, delighting its global clientele through seamless engagement and brilliant work ethic.

End to end support
End-to-End Support
We offer full-cycle development solutions to decentralized finance projects. Our experts take you from consultation to project launch and support continued assistance post-launch.
Client first approach
Client-First Approach
Our team hand-holds the client through the project scoping, launch, and maintenance stages of the project to help them harness the best from each endeavor.
Deeply experienced team
Deeply Experienced Team
We house a highly experienced team with expertise across Solana marketplace compatible technologies to guide you with the best possible solution for your requirements.
unbending NDAs
Unbending NDAs
At PrimaFelicitas, we value the potential of an idea. Hence, we maintain project confidentiality as per the clients’ demands.
timeline Adherence
Timeline Adherence
We maintain a record of delighting our clients by delivering the highest quality well ahead of stipulated timelines.
Impenetrable security
Impenetrable Security
Our security experts ensure impassable security which is the highest priority of blockchain products.
Smart contracts are the control centers for any blockchain application. A secure and well audited smart contract ensures a stringent system. DeFi applications specifically deal with transactions of currency. Smart contracts need to be audited rigorously through multiple parties to be sure that no exploitable vulnerabilities are left unaddressed and of a strong defense against network attacks.
A smart contract is unique in its purpose and operation. Allowing a smart contract to be reused like a white label entity, is akin to introducing backdoors for vulnerabilities to creep in and for hackers to exploit and attack the system. Although, DeFi smart contracts do collaborate across platforms and distinct blockchains, which necessitates exhaustive audits. PrimaFelicitas offers comprehensive DeFi smart contract development and audit solutions and services.
The only best way is to have multi-party audits. DeFi Smart contracts audit must invariably be conducted via manual and automated testing modes. Broadly an audit involves 4 steps: Assessment, Verification, Testing, and Reporting. Multiple iterations of these 4 basic auditing processes shall be carried out to ensure the highest level of security. Associate with PrimaFelicitas, one of the leading smart contract development companies to have your smart contracts developed and audited by the best.
DeFi Smart Contract is audited initially when the code is frozen. The audit report is generated and the code is fixed. This continues till the complete satisfaction of security is achieved. Once deployed, the smart contract shall be audited every time it is enhanced or updated with the evolution of the protocol.
Every application using blockchain for transactions needs a Smart Contract. An application cannot carry out automated transactions in a trustless and permissionless manner without a smart contract.
PrimaFelicitas offers all-round decentralized finance-related consultation, design, development, marketing, and maintenance solutions for all kinds of business models.
PrimaFelicitas provides the highest quality of services and solutions for Decentralized Finance requirements of businesses ranging from SMBs to enterprises. We provide customized DeFi solutions to businesses of all scales.

Go ahead to our contact us page, and share your requirements and contact details in brief through your chosen mode. Our consultants will connect with you and schedule the further process. You can also mail us at hello@primafelicitas.com

PrimaFelicitas enjoys a top-notch clientele as it maintains unbending NDAs with all its clients across all phases of project development.
Why PrimaFelicitas?
A company with 100% dedication to blockchain and emerging technologies is the choice of the wise to drive their DeFi ideas to fruition. We have a team proficient in delivering projects across multiple blockchains, technology tools, and security protocols.
why chose primafelicitas
Our comprehensive solutions incorporate the following capabilities:
Ethereum, Tezos, Cardano, Polkadot, Hue, Flow, Binance
IPFS (interplanetary file system), MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, NoSQL
Solidity, React Native, Springs, Express JS, Node Js, Angular

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Decentralized Finance applies to every industry one can think of. Association with PrimaFelicitas will transform your innovative idea into a well-developed blockchain product. Schedule a consultation with our experts and experience the highest quality of DeFi Smart Contract Development services.