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Blockchain Expertise

supply chain-management
Supply Chain
Blockchain changes the landscape of the enterprise supply chain market by introducing a myriad of features to make different supply chain operations cost and time effective.
cross border payment
Cross-border Money Transfer
Reducing the gaps between traditional and decentralized finance by implementing next-generation blockchain products and protocols, making financial transactions more equitable for all.
blockchain infused IOT Solutions
Blockchain infused IOT Solutions
IoT solutions infused with blockchain inherently overcome inefficiencies, strengthen security and maintain transparency for all involved parties while enabling secured transactions free of intermediaries.
Indivisual Identity Security Solutions Banner
Individual Identity Security Solutions
Every activity leaves footprints of netizens, across the web. Maintaining the integrity and securing the digital identity of individuals is a growing concern in the distributed and ever-expanding cyberspace.
Healthcare patient data handling
Healthcare Patient Data
Decentralized storage and consensus-based transaction validation, disrupt the way of recording and accessing patientss’ reports and treatment history
Healthcare-Pharmaceutical Traceability Banner
Healthcare Pharmaceutical Traceability
Origin, formulation, and transit of pharmaceutical drugs can be recorded immutably to prevent drug counterfeiting and improve availability.
Healthcare-clinical research-banner
Healthcare Clinical
Utilize decentralized storage and consensus-based ledger entry to enhance research pace and ensure secure data sharing among multiple researchers.
Blockchain for life and health for insurance banner
Blockchain for Life
and Health Insurance
The L&H Insurance industry is set to be disrupted by blockchain-enabled fast-track claim resolution, seamless multiparty collaboration, and smart risk management capabilities.
Blockchain for property and Casualty Insurance banner
Blockchain for Property
and Casualty Insurance
Leveraging blockchain can disrupt the P&C insurance ecosystem through new-age infrastructure and processing mechanisms to deliver simplicity and efficiency.
blockchain agriculture industry banner
Blockchain Revolutionizing the
Agriculture Industry
Blockchain offers a reliable and immutable data storage mechanism that can stimulate data-driven innovation to bring about a technology-aided revolution in the agricultural industry.
Blockchain enable true democracy banner
Blockchain to Enable True
Leverage blockchain’s decentralized, and immutable chain of records to lay the foundation of a trustless and annoymized digital voting mechanism.
Blockchain Reforming the Media and Advertisement Industry
Blockchain Reforming the Media
and Advertisement Industry
Blockchain opens new avenues of media and advertisement to instill trust in the public and promotes.
Blockchain Reshaping the Art and Entertainment Space
Blockchain Reshaping the Art and
Entertainment Space
Blockchain intends to bridge the gap between consumer and creator, which has been responsible for poor creator recognition and reward. Of all the professions, the creators are the least recognized for their work. Blockchain systems aim to change the creators’ placement in the entertainment realm.