Blockchain Expertise

supply chain-management
Supply Chain
Blockchain changes the landscape of the enterprise supply chain market by introducing a myriad of features to make a different supply chain operations cost and time effective.
cross border payment
Cross-border Money Transfer
Reducing the gaps between traditional and decentralized finance by implementing next-generation blockchain products and protocols, making financial transactions more equitable for all.
blockchain IOT image
Blockchain infused IOT Solutions
Preventing data breaches by utilizing transparency of blockchain and securing Internet of Things (IoT) devices that are vulnerable to spoofing and other forms of hacking.
identity security image
Personal Identity Security Solutions
Building highly capable platforms for facilitating the management of identity information on distributed ledger that includes biometric information, passports, driver’s licenses and other government issued IDs.
health care solution image
Healthcare Solutions
Building solutions that securely share access to health related data across stakeholders and streamline processes to quickly and safely diagnose patients based on a clearer medical history.
logistic solutions image
Logistics Solutions
Building blockchain-based logistics solutions that can safely monitor the source of goods and track their journey to the consumers. Also automates the longer payment cycles.
nft based solutions image
NFT Based Solutions
Building solutions that helps non-technical users to create, track and exchange digital NFTs on the blockchain.
insurance image
With blockchain technology applied in the insurance industry, we can automate claims processing at the same time reduce frauds. This can also help in bringing disruption by creating new peer-to-peer insurance markets.
media entertenment
Media & Entertainment
For Media and Entertainment, blockchain has the potential to transform the way content is generated and distributed. Smart Contracts can ensure speed and trust to the content usage and ensure quicker royalty payments.