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Blockchain Life and health insurance

Blockchain for Life and Health Insurance

Blockchain For Life and Health Insurance

The L&H Insurance industry is set to be disrupted by blockchain-enabled fast-track claim resolution, seamless multiparty collaboration, and smart risk management capabilities.

The Current Scenario

The insurers and insurees suffer from the constant fear of being misled by the vested interests of the other. The insurance industry needs a disruption to reform the perception of the whole system.

Record Forging

Privacy Hindrance

Insecure Payments

Gruesome Application Process

Application Process

Sluggish Claim Settlement

Claim Settlement

Fine Prints

Blockchain Propels New Age Products And Innovative Services

Blockchain’s unique characteristics allow the insurance industry to ideate and implement next-gen-policies and develop better relationships with its customers. The blockchaiin serves as a driving force to make patient records interoperable and comprehensive.
Smart Contracts Enforce Requisites

Smart Contracts Enforce Requisites

Regulatory and Administrative imperatives can be enforced from within the record maintenance system to ensure well updated and accurate information using smart contracts.
Decentralized and Trustless Reconciliation

Decentralized and Trustless

Blockchain automates the collection and linking of records across operational units, utilizing the decentralized shared ledger to optimize multiparty coordination and accelerate performance.

Cryptographically Secured

Blockchain uses cryptographic signatures to secure digital evidence and ensure sharing for underwriting while adhering to privacy regulations.
Transparent and Trustless Claim Settlement

Transparent and Trustless
Claim Settlement

Blockchain infuses transparency into the ledger thus facilitating ease of application. Also, capable to infuse stringent delay proofing payment release processes.

Enhanced Provider Accessibility

Decentralized and transparent record-keeping accessible everywhere on the network helps make available for the patient diverse providers and facilities to choose from.

Economically Convenient

Blockchain removes the need for laborious manual back-end administrative work, thus reducing the costs and energy requirements to maintain a conducive insurance claim and reconciliation system.
Robust System

Robust System

Blockchain ensures two-way security by protecting individuals from being delusioned of services and preventing the providers from falling into the rat trap of risking too much and going bankrupt.

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