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What is Web3? Web3 refers to the ongoing development of the third generation of the internet, wherein applications and websites possess the ability to process data in a smart and human-like manner using technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, decentralized ledger technology, big data, and more. From a technical standpoint, Web3 Technology can be defined […]

Introduction Life in a fast-paced world, in particular a ‘modern world’ where making decisions has become increasingly challenging, whether steering own life or overseeing large organizations. Decision-making depends heavily on data availability, whether it’s deciding everyday tasks or shaping the future of multinational companies. In today’s digital era data serves as the critical ingredient for […]

What is Web 3.0? Web 3.0 represents the concept of the third-generation World Wide Web (WWW). Its main objective is to completely decentralize the interconnected system of networks, which enables the users to read, write, and own data over the internet. It is expected to be the game-changer in the transition of the internet. It […]