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TradFi: What does it mean? Traditional Finance (TradFi) refers to the traditional financial system that has been in existence for decades. It is a framework where all the funds that customers provide are managed by a single, central authority. These involve insurance companies, banks, the stock market, and other regulated financial entities. In the world […]

Crypto Gaming – What Does It Mean? Crypto gaming provides players with the opportunity to acquire cryptocurrencies or NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) through engaging in in-game tasks. Unlike conventional video games, these digital assets within the game, including items, virtual currencies, and characters, subsequently can be owned by the player as non-fungible tokens or cryptocurrencies. These […]

What is Web3? Web3 refers to the ongoing development of the third generation of the internet, wherein applications and websites possess the ability to process data in a smart and human-like manner using technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, decentralized ledger technology, big data, and more. From a technical standpoint, Web3 Technology can be defined […]

Metaverse – What’s that? The metaverse development is a rapidly emerging digital realm, enriched with three-dimensional capabilities, which combines technologies, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and cutting-edge internet and semiconductor technologies. The word “Metaverse” was formed by combining two distinct words, such as “meta”, which signifies transcending or surpassing, and “verse”, which signifies the […]

DeFi Growth and the Road Ahead Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is one of the most popular developments in the crypto-asset space, which recreates traditional financial systems in a decentralized, open, autonomous, and permissionless way. Despite a harsh bear market, DeFi has proven resilient and has been incredible to witness throughout 2022. The DeFi market saw the […]