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How to Create Your AI-based Blockchain Platform Like ChainGPT

Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (ChatGPT) is a powerful AI bot capable of understanding human speech and producing in-depth human-like responses. You need to enter a question, and there you are with the answer. ChainGPT is an AI bot similar to ChatGPT but utilizes powerful Blockchain to do anything you might think of. The sophisticated Blockchain-based AI chatbot is intended to revolutionize how users, developers, and companies interact with the blockchain community. Users get access to knowledge, data, concepts, and views generated by AI.

What makes ChainGPT the best AI model?

The most advanced AI model in the blockchain space can help you with anything you might think of. Some of the use cases of ChainGPT are as follows:

  • Smart Contract development
  • Advanced AI trading
  • Market analysis
  • Risk management
  • Code explainer
  • AI Auditor
  • Chart Technical Analysis
  • Automated source of news
  • AI-generated NFTs (No prior coding knowledge is required to create unique NFTs)
  • Code Debugging

However, there are infinite additional use cases where this AI model can be used.

How does the ChainGPT model work?

How does the ChainGPT model work

The ChainGPT AI model was created specifically for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. It can assist users with coding contracts, deriving concepts, obtaining information, analyzing markets, and more. Understanding the entire ecosystem around this successful AI paradigm is crucial. It consists of

  • ($CGPT) ChainGPT Token
  • Staking and Farming with ChainGPT
  • Burn Mechanism for ChainGPT

ChainGPT Token: The ChainGPT ecosystem’s utility token is $CGPT. The token determines how people and organizations access the ChainGPT, API, and AI models. There are various plans for individuals, businesses, and developers. Some of them are paid, and one is required to pay in utility tokens $GPT. ChainGPT integrates utilities and AI tools that promise tremendous potential. The best aspect is that $GPT token holders will receive 50% of all profits from other AI products created by ChainGPT that also accept payments in $GPT for their premium plans.

Staking and Farming with ChainGPT: It is the way through which users are incentivized to participate and support the ChainGPT network. Staking enables users to earn rewards in exchange for gaining access to AI models, while Farming enables users to earn rewards for providing liquidity. You can earn rewards by adding a specific number of CGPT tokens. The number of tokens you deposit in the liquidity pool will decide the rewards you earn.

Burn mechanism for ChainGPT:  ChainGPT charges fees in CGPT tokens for the different tools it offers. All tokens collected are not used. Only half of the tokens are utilized for the growth and maintenance of the ChainGPT ecosystem. The remaining tokens are burned. This is done to reduce the token supply over time to support the value of CGPTs.

How Can a Blockchain Platform Based on AI Be Created Like ChainGPT?

Are you eager to learn about or develop a blockchain platform based on artificial intelligence like ChainGPT? Well, the AI model is specifically created for improved task generation for blockchain and Bitcoin. Continue reading to learn more about the approaches to building an AI-based blockchain network.

Data Collection: Gathering a sizable data set the bot can manage is the first and most important stage in creating an AI-based blockchain platform. The content includes all subjects and facts about Blockchain.
Processing dataset—Using ways to teach the data set to learn in-depth so that it can draw out the user input. Splitting conversations, tokenizing texts, and removing formatting are all steps in the process.
Request response: After fine-tuning the language model on the conversation dataset, use it to generate responses to input messages. To achieve this, one must send the input message to the model and ask for a response.
Experiment with various settings: To get the appropriate degree of quality, experiment with various settings, such as the duration of the generated response or the temperature of the sampling process.
Integrate the trained language. The tool or application that allows users to enter text or receive generated responses must incorporate the trained language. Use a chatbot platform or a programming language to your advantage.

ChainGPT vs. ChatGPT- What is the difference between the two?

ChatGPT has acquired prime attention. There are a lot of discussions about ChatGPT on social media channels and media outlets. Although ChatGPT and ChainGPT are both AI models, certain differences set them apart. They have distinctive use cases and utilities that make them unlike. Let’s catch a glimpse:

ChainGPT vs ChatGPT- What is the difference between the two

Final Words

ChainGPT has tremendously contributed to the blockchain industry. AI has attained incredible transformation over the years. One of the most promising developments of AI is ChainGPT. ChainGPT has transformed the field of natural language processing (NLP) and conversational AI by integrating transformer algorithms and advanced neural network structures. ChainGPT continues to make developments in the Blockchain and crypto space with exceptional precision. The potential applications of ChainGPT are many. ChainGPT has significantly advanced the blockchain sector in a short time with its cutting-edge AI model. The project is still evolving, enabling users to benefit from AI technologies for NFT generation, smart contract formation, debugging, AI trading, and more.

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