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Do gadgets need evolution as the internet evolves? Web 3.0

The evolving internet, Web 3.0, is an environment expected to change the concept of how users utilise and consume information. Web 3.0 technologies include blockchain, smart contracts, and cryptocurrencies and will entirely change user experience. The main objective of Web 3.0 is to make the internet accessible at any time and at any location. In this new era, web-connected gadgets will no longer be limited to mobiles and computers, new kinds of intelligent gadgets are expected as the result of the IoT (Internet of Things). The core concepts on which Web 3.0 is built are decentralisation, semantic web, permissionless and trustless, and artificial intelligence. While Web 3.0 offers a vast variety of features and services, the pertinent question here is whether we are ready for this change or not. For instance, many brands have started getting involved in Metaverse activities and have registered their presence. However, currently, very few people have Metaverse headsets to participate in these activities. So with this evolution do you think your old gadgets will be still compatible or in use?

There will be a drastic change required in the space of gadgets to be compatible with Web 3.0 as it isn’t accessible to less advanced gadgets. In terms of technical requirements, Web 3.0 will need a faster processing unit, and a high requirement of security and storage units. Further, this change will not be limited to gadgets, as it will also cover each technology that interacts with it. For instance, the web applications and websites will require adapting to the Web 3.0 standards. For this, we already have DApps (decentralised applications) in the market. DApps are digital applications that implement on the blockchain network of nodes rather than depending on a single computer. Examples of decentralised applications and websites are Peepeth (social media), Cryptokitties (dApp game), and MetaMask (crypto wallet). In terms of smartphones also, we can see a lot of new development as Solana and Polygon have decided to launch a Saga smartphone based on blockchain. It is expected to have 512 GB of storage and will cost near $1000. Hence, the market is evolving accordingly based on the new Web 3.0 technology so the users also have to upgrade their gadgets

Going further, we can conclude that there is a requirement for upgraded devices that will be compatible with Web 3. Also, existing businesses that are working on websites and applications need to upgrade their applications according to the latest standards. Web 3.0 will definitely have a significant impact on both the market and the entire user lifecycle and user experience. It is expected that large companies will have big shares in the Web 3.0 market because they are working and investing in technology modification to remain in the line.

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Last modified on July 21st, 2023 at 4:13 pm