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How to win an NFT investment?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are the financial security comprising digital information stored in the blockchain over the distributed ledger. The ownership of the NFT is secured in the blockchain and could be transported by the owner, enabling NFTs to be traded and purchased. The NFT marketplace facilitates the users to trade all kinds of digital artwork and collectibles. There is no golden rule for trading NFT at a guaranteed massive return, but every investor requires examining and implementing the trading strategy that is suitable for the required funds.

The key point to check while doing a new NFT investment is to check the market capitalization. The user can easily check the market capitalization for a certain NFT project by calculating the total number of holders multiplied by the average cost of one NFT from that collection. As the NFT marketplace is not much liquid as compared to the crypto market, this could be harder to measure. High estimated market capitalization signifies that more token owners are present. Further, the increasing trading volume for a certain NFT collection will signify that there is an increasing demand for the collection. The following are the steps to invest in a new NFT:

  1. Research the available NFTs: The NFT is an artwork, such as music, art, characters from a video game, or a video. The user can check the list of NFTs through the internet and stay up-to-date. The user should research properly while looking for the upcoming NFTs, the needs of the cryptocurrency, the time of the sale, and the number of NFTs that are being traded.
  2. Choose the marketplace to trade the NFT: Once the user has done proper research and knows what to buy, they need to find where that NFT is being sold. After finding the correct marketplace, the user should register and connect their crypto wallets. The NFT marketplace can either sell the NFT at a flat rate or could perform an auction for it

However, some NFT owners utilise several wallets to sell their NFTs in order to develop fake volume and attract new investors. The ways in which the NFT attains value:

  • Ownership: The owner of the NFT plays a vital role as if the NFT is created by a company brand name or famous person.
  • Utility: The value of NFT also depends upon the way it is being utilised. For instance, as a token in the games.

Overall, the investment in NFTs is profitable. It can operate as any speculative asset, which the user can buy and hope that its value goes up so the user can sell it for profit. Undoubtedly, the NFT marketplace will grow and there will be new projects with new features. Some of the very trending assets are gaming NFTs that can be utilised in blockchain games.

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