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Top Digital and Graphic Design Trends of 2019

Another year has emerged and so has the latest trends in digital design. Trends are not set out of just anywhere. They evolve as a response of the changing needs and tastes of the consumers. Staying on the same page with the design trends is however crucial for the success of our websites!

A lot of changes can occur in design trends in terms of algorithm updates, visuals and best practices over a short period of time. A website that looks sleek and modern today could become outdated in a few months’ time. The vast and saturated online world of today, demands a creative design and an amazing user experience to stay ahead in the competition.

2019 is expected to concentrate more on the aspect of user experience where trends in web design will prioritize the speed, eye-catching and simple designs with asymmetrical layouts, mobile designs and more. A good web design aims to draw user attention and to keep the visitor on the page for longer periods of time.

The first impression

According to certain studies, we have less than 3 seconds to make a good impression with a customer, when interacting with them online. We, humans, tend to be impatient and flighty. About 50% of our users expect a website to open within two seconds of clicking on it. They are found to abandon the site if it takes over 3 seconds to load!

As seen from the experience of having dealt with hundreds of websites, a beautiful website is an important component of ensuring user satisfaction. However, if the design is data heavy, such that it takes a long time to download, you lose a lot of revenue as people won’t wait long for your site to load.

In addition to this, the recent Google Speed Update, which went online in July 2018 implicates a new policy. With this update, Google has started the prioritizing of websites which loads faster than the others. This policy is expected to be soon followed by other search engines as well. Web designs are thus expected to focus better on its speed during the process design.

The clean and minimalistic

Clean and minimalist designs are expected to be a trendsetter in 2019. In fact, these designs are already preferred by designers and developers for creating quick loading websites for desktop and mobile browsers. They are also known to hold a high value for SEO. They satisfy a number of speed requirements that certain search engines are beginning to require.

Flat or minimalist design does not mean that everything is reduced to 2D. It is more about usability and minimalism. It can be thought of as more of a design aesthetic which gets rid of clutter, focussing only on the important aspects of the website. The use of bright colours, crisp and clean edged and lots of open space, offers a refreshing change, distracting it from the high- resolution image based designs.

The freshness of asymmetry

The fresh look of broken and asymmetrical layouts are making it big in the world of design trends. The grid system associated with these layouts help the designers maintain consistency and alignment when adding content like headlines, images, copy and call to actions.

The asymmetric layouts are growing popular probably due to their ability to impart a novelty to web designing. They help capture the user focus to the important aspects of the page without being distracting or sloppy. These designs are striking not due to the presence of rote or established design patterns but for the creative use of a visual hierarchy that directs the eye towards the focal point.

The use of different shapes, textures, colours and dynamic imagery help the designer direct the user’s attention in a new and engaging manner towards the content that the users want to find. The presence of unusual placements, layering with various textures and colours, the use of white space, creative use of typography and the repeated use of irregular patterns enables the creation of a sense of depth that is not usually found in grid-based layouts. 

The trendy shapes

The geometric shapes lay a middle ground between the flat, minimalist design and the controlled chaos of asymmetric design. The simple Euclidean shapes like triangles, rectangles and hexagons are proving to be a major design trend in 2019. Shapes can easily bridge the gap between the broken and flat grids, making them easy to integrate into a design.

The simple shapes with bright colours are able to create interesting edges that can be quickly loaded. They can help in the creation of dynamism with the creation of repeating patterns formed with the help of shapes. This versatility is one of the primary reasons why shapes have become an avoidable trend of 2019.

In addition to these, there is a whole new side of chatbots and video backgrounds that could make a remarkable transformation in graphic and web designs, this year. Some major graphics and web design trends are represented in the infographic given below.

Design-Trend image

With the new advancements in technology laying the foundation for practical and beautiful design patterns, the industry is set to change. Staying on top of these changes is inevitable to keep your websites fresh and attractive.

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