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Design Trends 2020

Advertising plays a key role in marketing, but gone are the days when billboards, radio, and magazines were the only way to convert prospects. Companies now pay millions of dollars to buy less than a minute of prime time during popular football matches or TV serials. Whether, it’s the Super Bowl or the final episode of a popular TV series, every second of advertising costs thousands of dollars. The Super Bowl this year generated $382 million in revenue for adverts! According to recent estimates, advertising spending worldwide will surpass $560 billion in 2019, which is a growth of roughly four percent compared with 2018. 

In today’s interconnected world, social media plays a big role in convincing customers to buy a product or stay loyal to a brand. Advertising going wrong can change a product or service’s popularity almost instantly. When the stakes are high, the right impression is imperative. 

As the decade comes to a close we have a clear picture of the digital and graphic trends that gained or lost popularity in the last ten years. Future trends are seemingly running in parallel with new developments in technology that facilitate a friendlier user experience and better graphical interfaces. The allure of big data, AR/ VR, and artificial intelligence has led to a metamorphosis in design towards surrealism and 3D which are surfacing as major new trends in design for the future.

Technology has helped us understand old and new trends better by capturing people’s tastes and choices across geographies for various types of products as they are advertised or interacted with. This is possible now by mining historical data and pinpointing what digital and graphic trends were popular amongst the millions of internet users and shoppers.

The future of digital and graphic design trends not only relies on what tools are available to create them but, also on how viewers rate these images and interfaces. According to coastalcreative.com, the beginning of the next decade is going to be a deep dive into 3D and virtual reality using surrealism, realistic textures, multimedia portraits, and more. The future will be the key component in these designs while providing immersive visuals and text.

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