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10 Ways to Improve Your dApp UI

What is a dApp?

dApp refers to a common abbreviation for decentralized application. It is a digital application that executes on the blockchain or peer-to-peer network of computers instead of a single computer. Creating dApps includes a combination of the smart contract residing on the blockchain with a front-end user interface.

From the end-user perspective, dApps work similarly to apps that are being utilized widely in the Web 2.0 space. The primary difference is that all of the information on dApp is not stored on a central server. However, it is decentralized, which signifies that they are completely independent and autonomous and are not controlled by a single entity or company.

What is UI?

User Interface refers to the bridge that allows users to interact with the application. It is the space designed in which anything that the end-user interacts with refers to the part of the user interface. UI includes components such as navigation elements, informational components, Input controls, containers, etc. It is how the dApp appears and interacts, such as screens, overall style, sounds, and responsive elements of the dApp.

How to develop a great dApp UI?

A user interface should be developed while keeping the following qualities:

  1. Intuitive: The user interface should be clear and simple so that even a layperson can navigate through it easily.
  2. Enjoyable: A user interface should be user-friendly as per the target audience’s needs with maximum user convenience.
  3. Efficient: The user interface should have less or nearly zero friction. The design shouldn’t slow down the user from doing their task.

Problems with the current state of dApps:

While dApps have a long way to go until they hit the mainstream, they are still growing exponentially in numbers. Currently, there are thousands of dApps under development and in use. But what are the issues that have affected the popularity of dApps?

  • Designing a user-friendly experience for interacting with the blockchain can be challenging because users may face difficulties in configuring the necessary tool stack.
  • Most people working in the Web3 space are from the backend world.
  • Limited functionality compared to the centralized application due to the underlying technology restrictions.

Top 10 ways to improve dApp UI:

  1. Connections- The critical feature of dApp is the “Connect Wallet” button. However, because of the increase in crypto hacks and scams, users get anxious while linking their wallets to a dApp. Trust should be built so that the users will not lose their assets by accidentally linking to the wrong dApp. dApps can incorporate features, such as a link to contract audit, a preview of what permissions the dApp will request, etc.
  2. Transaction Status– Crypto payments aren’t always instant. Depending on the chain, they can be a little slow. The information regarding transaction status shown on the screens varies a lot among distinct dApps. Usually, the transaction status conveys pending, canceled, or complete and is also not automatically updated. The user needs to refresh the page manually. These problems need to be eliminated for a smoother user experience. For example, a detailed transaction status must be shown to the users even if dApps use third-party custody services.
  3. Confirmation screens – Like other finance applications, dApps also facilitate transactions, provide confirmation screens showing desired actions, and ask for user confirmation. However, the dApps utilize crypto terms like Royalties and GWEI which confuses users with additional fees. So, user-friendly labels should be used to avoid such confusion. Also, dApps can show the local currency along with crypto value for better understanding.
  4. Disconnections– Like the “Connect Wallet” button, the “Disconnect Wallet” button is also important as it empowers users to disconnect and revoke token approvals immediately. dApps can include this feature and allow users to disconnect their wallets after a certain period of time.
  5. Thorough research (Take clues from those who are doing it)– While dApp UI has its challenges, there are many highly successful examples that provide users with easy-to-use UI to store crypto in a decentralized manner securely. For example, MetaMask allows dApps to link user authentication without the traditional login.
  6. Keep it simple– In a dApp, what data is coming from the blockchain and what isn’t should be clear. For example, it must be stated if some data is being retrieved from a more centralized source. It should be clearly mentioned whether a transaction will be reversible or not. These clear instructions will help in avoiding a lot of complaints.
  7. Follow good DDP (Decentralized Design Principles)– It is very essential to follow correct decentralized design principles, such as Transparency of Data Provenance and Transparency of Transactions. It entirely focuses on the needs of the users and how you incorporate these requirements into dApps.
  8. Work with feedback– Always listen to what users have to say regarding the dApp. A survey evaluated that 70% of companies that provide best-in-class customer experience use customer feedback. Also, one satisfied customer can lead us to nine referrals. While creating dApps, different user testing should be carried out with a retest of the application functionality to deliver an effective product.
  9. Deep Linking– Usually, users access dApps from their mobile browsers, which raises the issue of Web3 compatibility. The default mobile browser might not support Web3. Hence, to maintain work fluidity, they should be deeply linked. These links combine several actions into one link, which reduces friction for users.
  10. Notifications– Secure users’ privacy by informing them anytime their personal information is being utilized to complete an action.


To create an effective and efficient UI design for dApps, the developers should follow simple steps; choosing the correct decentralized design principle, using the right tool to speed up the process, and a create simple frontend design.

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