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Guardians Omitted in Non-Custodial Wallets

Non-custodial wallets offer you complete control of your funds and keys used to perform any transaction on the crypto wallet. It eliminates the role of a third party from the crypto wallet which means that you don’t require trusting any person to manage your funds and keys. These are the web-based wallets that are available on many devices such as desktops or mobile in the form of software. In short, you are the only person who will have full control over your virtual assets. This feature can be considered a better step to update the security offerings for the wallet holders, but it also reflects some of the issues that need to be known for getting a clear picture of the non-custodial wallets.

Assume that you have an account on the non-custodial wallets and you have forgotten your private keys, so what can you do? It’s become too difficult for a wallet holder to restore their private keys because the full control of the wallet is only up to you. If we talk about custodial wallets, you can’t lose your wallet because your wallet is in the custody of a third party. You will not be required to input your private key for performing any transaction in the custodial wallets, it’s the responsibility of your custodian because they manage your funds and the private keys. Therefore, it can be said that each wallet has its pros and cons, which wallet you should use depends on your needs and preferences.

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The types of the non-custodial wallet are listed below:

Web Wallets: The web wallet is defined as a crypto wallet that is available on the web; you can access it by redirecting to the official website on the web. It is quite similar to the crypto exchange wallet which requires an internet connection to run the wallet. The main thing is that you don’t need to download any specific wallet to access the functionalities of the crypto wallet. In these wallets, each transaction is hosted by a third party and it offers free of charge wallets.

These wallets are considered the primary step to getting involved in the world of Defi, Web3, and crypto. You can think of it as the first step of your wallet journey. The most important thing you need to know about these wallets securely stores your virtual assets with their innovative security measures offerings. By using these wallets, a user will get the authority to interact with dApps on various blockchains.

Multi-sig Wallet: The Multi-sig wallet (Multisignature Wallet) is a crypto wallet where more than one private key is used to approve the transaction. You need to know that if you send money to another crypto wallet holder, the specific transaction is signed for allowing it to proceed further. By signing the transaction, you are digitally proving your ownership of the funds associated with the crypto wallet. Also, it states that you approve the specific transaction.

If we talk about the single signature cryptocurrency wallets, only one signature is required to approve the transaction. In the multi-sig wallets, as the name indicates, more than one signature is required to approve a transaction.

In the multi-sig wallet, two or more users are involved with whom the wallet has been shared to sign the transaction. Note that these users are referred to as copayers. It depends on the type of the wallet where the number of signatures required to sign a transaction may vary to the number of copayers.

Social Recovery Wallets:

The social recovery wallets are the most popular crypto wallets where you can recover your private keys with the help of guardians. These wallets can be considered the Ethereum account where the appointed guardian will have the authority to change the private key of the wallet owner. In short, the launch of the social recovery wallet created a new buzz in the global marketplace as it reduces the risk of cyber attacks.

Social Recovery Wallet

Most of us are curious to know why the guardians are included in the social recovery wallets. The answer to this question is related to the security offerings to the wallet holder. The private keys of a wallet owner are divided into various parts and shared with a group of guardians. If a crypto owner forgot their private keys, then their guardian will have the authority to change their private keys. These guardians can be any related to the wallet from multiple geographies like family, friends, institutions, etc. Most importantly, guardians will not have an idea of what they are guarding?; even the identities of the guardians will also be hidden. To change the private key of the wallet holder, the guardian is required to sign a special transaction.

Many people have confused about the multi-sig wallets and social recovery wallets. So, you get a clear idea here that how they differ from each other. In the multi-sig (multisignature wallet), more than one private key is used and shared with the copayers whereas, in a social recovery wallet, a single private key is used and divided into separate pieces and shared with the group of guardians. These guardians can change your private keys if you lost them.

It is mandatory to assign at least three guardians to your crypto wallet. The trending social wallets used in the market are Argent, Loopring, etc.

Issues of Social Recovery Wallets

The trend of this innovative technology is considered a reliable option for the crypto wallet industry. Even then, it also reflects some issues that need to be recovered to make it more efficient. Some of the issues facing the social recovery wallets are listed below:

Extra Security Consideration: The concept of the guardian introduced in the social recovery wallet can be a boon or curse too for the wallet holders. The reason behind considering it as a boon is the guardian assigned in the social wallet can recover the private keys of the wallet holders but these guardians can also become the reason for your fund loss. So, how can it occur? Let’s take a clear look at it.

If the majority of the guardians will be against the crypto holder, then they can steal your funds. So, it can be said that if your assigned guardians have a bad intention, then you may get in trouble

Extra complexity: It means that most people don’t have a couple of people whom they can trust. So, how will they assign a guardian for their wallet? If you are using the social recovery wallets, you can’t skip assigning guardians to them for security measures. Many of the experts recommend it only if you have trusted persons for assigning them as guardians.

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