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“Go Anywhere” content strategy for mobile/ smart devices

Websites flooded with high-quality and knowledgeable content have been enjoying the pleasure of traffic jams on their sites. This has brought a good conversion rate for these sites. If you really want to experience the same, you need to use your thoughts, spend quality time and make genuine efforts to create content and then plan a unique content strategy to deliver the content that can easily be accessed not only from a single device but from multiple devices especially when the user is moving around.

You can easily manipulate things and plan to route your content on different platforms such as mobile, desktops, or any other device. The display of the content on these platforms should be attractive enough to bring the buyer in the first instance.

Some Facts about creating content using planned strategy

Taking an example of NPR COPE Strategy: National Public Radio or NPR core product wanted to publish their stories on all devices in the most effective yet budgetary range. They soon employed a content strategy based on COPE Structure that taught them- “Create once, publish everywhere technique”. The NPR designers started working on this technique and introduced some new categories such as titles, tags, and captions. These categories could either be displayed or hidden depending upon the type of device they were been published on without compromising the quality of content being displayed.

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(Source: Buffer Social- Understand your audience and their mobile patterns)

Importance of mobile usage in accessing a web content

The Mobile and Smartphone world has replaced all the big-sized gadgets and brought exclusive content at your fingertips. While creating content, the developer should use the mobile-optimized content strategy to express their content in a better way. How the mobile usage has increased drastically?

By now, you know the importance of using a Mobile device for accessing web content, so now we are ready to learn the tricks that can increase the chances of marketing your content. Let’s begin by discussing Mobile copywriting. We would share certain solutions that will help you optimize your content for mobile devices only.

Be practical

The first step is to face the reality and leave the traditional practice of viewing the screen the way people used to see it. Use your creative skills and design technologies that can attract the viewers and give something new. Read more about – Traditional viewing patterns 

Introduce more images than content

In the 21st century, people want to get maximum information in minimum time so they feel comfortable viewing data through images rather than text. Introduce more eye-catching and informative images in your content.

Create your content with relevant data only

Avoid using unnecessary phrases words or any other kind of data that occupies the mobile screen space. While writing content for mobile, it is very important to keep your content precise and meaningful so that maximum data is provided in minimum space.

Use short and numbered headlines.

Generally, the content that has numbers like “Top 10 tourists spots of Malaysia” will grab more followers than the content with heading “Tourist Spots of Malaysia.”

Follow the “First Impression is the Last Impression” rule

Your heading and the first paragraph should be the extract of the whole content you will be offering to the followers. This will encourage them to read your content further.

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(Source: blog.bufferapp.com)

Mobile-optimized content strategies

Here is the list of top 10 strategies that a developer should definitely use:

Create content using Mobile-First Content Strategy

Traditionally, developers designed their content for desktops and then scaled the content to mobile. But now, seeing the current trend, developers are creating content for the Mobile-first using different content strategies. A recent study shows that mobile usage is increasing day by day and people are using mobile devices to access web content.

More details

Take an example of a well-renowned company, Coca-Cola. This company has recently done a commitment that assures that it will introduce the mobile technology throughout the marketing strategy to take this company to a new level.

Not only Coca-Cola, but many other companies have pledged to use mobile as a central means to promote their product or content globally. Now Marketers need to use their skills to tighten their techniques and product presentations to a level that can easily fit the mobile screen.

Proper selection of short-tail or long-tail keywords

Long-Tail keywords increase the chances of traffic to your site and so it is advised to use them in your content. Short-Tail keywords bring more results when used on search engines like Google and so leave the viewer perplexed.

Market Research

Look for content that your followers see on a regular basis and try to write your content based on your research. Create content after visualizing things like

  • What is the percentage of the audience that accesses your content on mobile devices?
  • How many of them are actually using tablets or smartphones?
  • What are the activities they are doing on your site, whether independently or in groups?
  • What type of content they are accessing?
  • Time spent on your site?
  • Whether they like visual or text content?
  • How else are your competitors in the market?

Focus on the Heading of your content

Your content heading should give a brief about your content and be eye-catching. It should be informative enough to guide viewers about the content you have provided on your site.

Content formatting is important and overlooked many times.

Write your content, read it twice and then use some online tests to clear the formatting part. Use big fonts that can make your content readable. Colouring is very important like notes; you can mark them as read.

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