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How can a Digital Portfolio increase your photography business?

With the help of digital technology most of the professional photographers prefer to present their work on a portfolio website, which gives them the crucial advantage over other photographers in the niche market.

A Digital Portfolio of your photography is intended to show off your photos and images, and to attract wider clientele. Usually an online portfolio contains a photo gallery, a contact page and, sometimes, an ‘about’ section.

Following are some of the elements on which you should focus while designing a great Digital Portfolio website intended to expand your photography business:

  • A Layout Sketch: Start with a sketch of your overall portfolio design. It helps you to stick to your original plan and not get lost in unnecessary details. However, sometimes, it is okay to deviate from your plan for the sake of real improvements.
  • Best Works First and Last: Include your best works at the beginning and at the end, with the filler material spread in between. That will start the viewer’s journey with a bang and end with a ‘wow’. Furthermore, carefully selecting yur photos for display, gives your portfolio a structured and well defined appearance.
  • Strategically Organize Your Photos: Organize your photos in a strategic order. Start from macro photos, or any photos that you’ve taken with a 100mm macro lens and then zoom out incrementally. Ensure that a common thread ties your photo gallery with meaningful continuity so as to keep viewer’s interest going.
  • Easy Navigation: Easy and intuitive navigation is the hallmark of a well-designed portfolio. The visitors should have a fair idea where they can find the desired photos while clicking the navigational links. Include appropriate text to guide the visitors through the portfolio. It will enhance the viewers’ experience and encourage them to come back to your website along with their friends and associates.
  • Suitable Links: Provide suitable links to your online portfolio making it easy for the visitors to share your work with others. Well-designed link pages make your website attractive to web surfers and make it convenient for them to pass around the useful links to others. This will definitely earn your website better rankings on the search engines.
  • Understand Your Audience: Understand your existing and target audience even before you undertake to design your website. This will enable you to make your Digital Portfolio website more appealing to their likes and interests. A good grasp of the demographics of the audience can help you zero on the target audience quite precisely. For example, a wedding photographer’s target demographic would consist of young couples, mainly the females dreaming of planning perfect weddings.
  • Fast Loading: Fast loading and less waiting time enhances the user experience and the appeal of your portfolio website. It prompts them to stick around and explore your portfolio more thoroughly instead of giving it up mid-way.
  • High Resolution Images: Use high resolution images as far as possible, though they may slow down the loading time. Also use as large a viewing area as possible, ensuring that your images fit the whole screen.
  • Keep the Contrast High: High contrast brings out the colors of your photos prominently, making them more vivid and stunning.
  • Dynamic Content: Make provision to add support for dynamic content, such as integrating Flikr Feed into your portfolio or the provision to add more images without cluttering the basic design of your layout.
  • Protecting Your Work: Disabling the right click or saving your images as background copies can protect your work from users who are not tech-savvy. But the only real secure way to protect your images is to embed watermarks on them. However, watermarking is a time-consuming process and will also affect the fine quality looks of your photos.
  • Adding Details to Each Photo: It will help the curious viewers if you provide a little information about each photo, such as the location, tools or the model used etc.
  • Include Contact Details: Finally, do not forget to include your contact details on your portfolio. It will enable your potential clients to get in touch with you.

Before you finalize your Digital Portfolio, review it thoroughly for the ease of navigation and smooth integration of other features. Make sure that the details provided by you are up-to-date. Also, show your work to some experts in the industry and get their honest opinions for possible improvements.

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