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Introduction to Blockchain and its requirement

A technology, as revolutionary, as it could get, in its prime of youth. The massive eruption of cryptocurrencies and the trust of the technically elite in the same have sure caused blockchain to strengthen its foundation in the realm of digital transactions.

Blockchain offers efficient ways of delivering cost savings while keeping enhanced security and transparency at the forefront of business transactions. Additionally, it ensures trust and thorough traceability of the data shared across the business network. It gets its strength from its transaction storage mechanism, which relies on a decentralized ledger system to encrypt each transaction and link it to the previously formed “chain” of blocks where a block consists of multiple digital transactions. The transactions are validated against a hashing-based method agreed upon by the parties transacting through the business network. Hence, the involved communicating peers need not depend on any third party to validate or authorize a transaction.

This ease of validation without hampering security does make it the choice of technology for businesses involving any form of digital transactions. Blockchain technology is applicable for the sharing of patient data in a secure manner, CMS systems, NFT marketplaces, tracking royalties for musicians, Real-time IoT operating systems, cross–border payments, individual identity security, supply chain, anti-money laundry tracking system, and logistics monitoring, immutable voting mechanisms, advertising insights, proof of work for all kinds of content development, cryptocurrency exchanges, r platform for real estate transactions, and much more. Basically, every business today!

Like every technology, this too does have a catch. It is of prime importance to understand which of the business processes can migrate to blockchain technology, and more than that, what will be the appropriate methodology to do so. Blockchain involves a very secure, though a little expensive data storage and a reliable encryption mechanism to store over a decentralized network. As it relies on Proof of Work consensus, it is vital to ensure that appropriate business processes are being migrated to the best suitable technology to reap its benefits without unprecedented cost or speed overheads.

Businesses at every stage of their growth need support from experienced industry experts to incorporate blockchain-based solutions into their technical environment to stay ahead in the market. Important factors to consider while choosing a technology partner include experience, expertise, and vision. Experience in growing with a fast-paced technology that has not yet fully matured. Expertise in what they do and how content their clients are with their quality of service. A vision to stay ahead of the market and keep your business development needs as their prime focus. From ideation to conceptualization, design to development, and post-deployment maintenance: everything you might need is being served. To aid your search for a perfect guide to your blockchain needs, here’s a list of the best blockchain companies you can rely on to solve all your blockchain-related concerns.

Blockchain company

Top Blockchain Development Companies to cater to all your blockchain needs:


(Centralized/Decentralized), Crypto Wallets, Token Sales (ICO/STO) Platform, Smart Contract – Development & Audits, Blockchain Protocol Development, Blockchain Consulting, Comprehensive end-to-end Blockchain-based products (Web, Mobile apps) often at the intersection of AI and IoT, White Label Solutions.

Offering a vast range of Blockchain and crypto-based services, lauded by close to 300 clients and tech critiques alike, Prima Felicitas owns its spot among the top blockchain development companies for a reason. They offer avant-garde solutions cutting across Blockchain Protocols. They are a hardcore Blockchain engineering team and their developments are Blockchain Protocol agnostic. Their work spans a range of Public, Hybrid, and Private Blockchain protocols some of which include Ethereum, Polygon, TRON, Solana, Polkadot, Cardano, Hyperledger, IoTeX, Credits, etc. Their portfolio boasts of a 95% client retention to whom they provide bespoke end-to-end solutions. The only thing that tops their diverse portfolio is their innovation-obsessed team that has successfully delivered all its projects with expertise across NFT, healthcare, supply chain, cross-border money transfer, media, insurance, and personal identity security domains.

  • Name: SoluLabs
  • Founded: 2014
  • Head Quarters: Las Angeles, CA
  • Website: https://www.solulab.com
  • Service: Blockchain Development, ICO Cryptocurrency, Crypto Wallet, Cryptocurrency exchange, dApps, Enterprise Blockchain

Started by two friends, this less than a decade old company offers a grand range of blockchain services. Beyond blockchain, they also have android and apple app development, bespoke software design and development, web and mobile apps, data analytics services, cloud, AI, and machine learning solutions. Solulabs has its presence across industries like Education, Healthcare, Oil and Gas, Cannabis suite, Wellness and Fitness, Logistics, and retail. The highly qualified team stands high in values, evident from the fact that the company holds giving back to society as its morale. It is for its well-equipped technical team that it has bagged clientele from the fortune 500.

  • Name: Applicature
  • Founded: 2010
  • Head Quarters: San Francisco, US
  • Website: https://applicature.com/
  • Service: Blockchain Consulting and Development, De-Fi Development, Smart Contracts, Smart Contracts Audit, DApps

Being the first to write smart contracts on Ethereum networks, the CEO Ian Arden is an eminent blockchain coach. From exchanging their first digital currency in 2010 to reaching Silicon Valley, Applicature has come a long way. In addition to blockchain consultation and development, the company offers marketing, blockchain development, business development, and investor relation-building for start-ups as well. The company has full-fledged and customizable in-house solutions to launch token offerings with a  scalable payment system, user-friendly interface, and verification system to validate KYC. The company holds a strong foothold in Banking, healthcare, real estate, legal, and media-based industries. The mission to drive humanity to benefit from distributed technologies in all areas of life is the heart of everything they do.

  • Name: LewayHertz
  • Founded: 2007
  • Head Quarters: San Francisco, USA
  • Website: https://www.leewayhertz.com/
  • Service: Blockchain Consulting, dApps, Smart Contract, NFT Marketplace, Metaverse, Supply Chain, Blockchain Wallet, Hedera, HashGraph, Tezos

LeewayHertz provides well-rounded solutions for blockchain consulting to user interface and design and development, and complete blockchain project development, with support and maintenance. Their team has an in-depth understanding of blockchain technologies like Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric and Sawtooth, EOS, Credits, Neo, and many more. Having deployed close to a hundred projects, including close to 100 smart contracts and 10 blockchain applications, the company has an interesting portfolio. The set of industries the company serves is unique as well, including consumer electronics, travel, ed-tech, fintech, and healthcare. In addition to custom solutions, they have ready-to-deploy solutions for the NFT marketplace, decentralized data storage, collectibles marketplace, and currency exchange.

  • Name: LimeChain
  • Founded: 2017
  • Head Quarters: Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Website: https://limechain.tech/
  • Service: Blockchain Consulting, MVP and PoC development, dApps, Crypto Wallets, Smart Contract, Dos and DAOs, De-Fi.

Living and breathing blockchain and DLT, LimeChain attributes its success to developing decentralized real-world applications while staying up with the cutting edge of innovation. Having developed more than a hundred blockchain and DLT-based products and about an equal number in production, the company is a team of tech enthusiasts focused on making an impact. The company also has an online learning platform for young technology enthusiasts under the name of LimeAcademy. Their notable products include EOSLime, Subsembly, Etherlime, LimePay, and more. Having experience in industries like Healthcare, pharma, Banking, energy, and automotive the organization

  • Name: ExioTech
  • Founded: 2017
  • Head Quarters: Yerevan, Armenia
  • Website: https://exio.tech/
  • Service: Blockchain Consulting, Token Economy Design, Smart contract Design and Development, DApp Development, De-Fi, Blockchain Gambling, Decentralized Trading

A Software development boutique, as they prefer to call themselves, ExioTech aims to grow by helping start-ups and SMBs elevate their value. A perfect example of we grow with you. Although, they remain open to ideas and provide their services to enterprises as well. The foundation of their growth is laid on agile and lean development processes in an ecosystem-driven approach. Their experienced team is entirely outcome-oriented. The company holds a fat profile in the realms of Blockchain gaming and decentralized Algo and Bot trading solutions.

  • Name: Minddeft
  • Founded: 2015
  • Head Quarters: Ahmedabad, India
  • Website: https://minddeft.com/
  • Service: Security Token, De-Fi app Development, Enterprise Blockchain Development, StableCoin, Custom BlockChain, IDO, NFTs

Focused on delivering the best to their clients, they follow a customer-centric approach and provide 24×7 support. A team with vast experience and multi-domain expertise makes it a choice of businesses looking for “fairly priced solutions” to their blockchain requirements. The founders believe in uninterrupted learning to make a difference by leveraging future technologies. The company has established a customer-centric process wherein they evaluate and get the customer aware of what blockchain offers and how it can benefit them and then provide the most suitable solutions ready to be integrated with the existing business model.

  • Name: Blockchain APP Factory
  • Founded: 2010
  • Head Quarters: Nihonbashi, Japan
  • Website: https://www.blockchainappfactory.com/
  • Service: NFT, ICO, BSC, Tokenization, Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency Exchange, IDO, IFO, ILO, STO

Amongst the earliest to arrive and a strong player in the blockchain industry, Blockchain APP Factory has been spotlighted on multiple international platforms. Providing more than 100 services and product solutions across all possible applications of blockchain they have their teams at multiple locations across the Asia Pacific region. Blockchain App Factory does keep up to the expectations of its name. They produce high-quality applications and easy-to-use business solutions for small to enterprise-scale organizations. Their cutting-edge solutions ensure utmost security and success in the long run with the highest level of customer satisfaction. The company claims to keep its clients on top of the crypto/blockchain market with its expert panel and swift service responders.

  • Name: Lapits
  • Founded: 2018
  • Head Quarters: Noida, India
  • Website: https://lapits.com/
  • Service: Wallet development, Exchange Development, Smart Contracts, Coin Development, Crypto Payment Gateway, Tradebots, dApp, De-Fi

Awarded as the most promising blockchain development company, Lapits was born as a result of the curiosity of the founder, who started learning blockchain as an experiment. With an array of products like Bitbatua, Blocksure, IDWallet, iAudit, and iTokenize, the company delivers on its principle of Listen-Analyze-Plan-Implement-Test and Submit. The company has displayed promising results in technologies like Hyperledger Fabric, Tron, Ethereum, Ripple, and Stellar development. Besides blockchain, the company is actively venturing into web and mobile development as well. The company runs on the joint passion of the founder and employees for blockchain technology and the goal to deliver high-quality work within the expected time at a fair price.

  • Name: Blockchangers
  • Founded: 2015
  • Head Quarters: Oslo, Norway
  • Website: https://www.blockchangers.com/
  • Projects: Platform for real Estate Trading, Setting up a crypto hedge fund for fundraising and platform development, solving the privacy issues for the movie industry.

A company paving its way to becoming one of the top blockchain development companies by participating and winning competitions. The team of 6, is planning to scale up by rebranding themselves as Symfoni Solutions and has a goal to evaluate the. Use blockchain for the realization of the Norwegian government’s digitization strategy. They aim to enable the future of Web 3.0 where data flows freely and data silos are absent from the picture. The team that advocates open source programming is committed to releasing as much of their code as possible, of course, without affecting the security and privacy of the project. The company’s star project – Market Inclusion Registry Network, is a platform to foster innovation for small and medium-sized enterprises by offering transparent shareholding and empowering registries.

Why choose Prima Felicitas?

Prima Felicitas has carved a niche among the top blockchain development companies because of its dedicated team and reliable work culture and offers a wide array of services. Enterprises are offered a consultation for the appropriate blockchain technology to integrate with their existing environment along with development and post-deployment solutions.  Start-ups and Medium enterprises can get consultation, design, and development solutions to build the business around blockchain technology and develop a sturdy foundation for themselves. Prima Felicitas has a highly experienced team that provides high-quality feasibility analysis and a corresponding minimum viable solution within a few weeks to allow stakeholders to make an informed decision.  The organization’s blockchain experts have earned it multiple recognitions across the industry and hold the trust of their clients who depend on them.

Contact us now if you are interested in Blockchain / NFT Services etc, PrimaFelicitas can bring you the best results.

PrimaFelicitas is a well-known name in the market, serving worldwide consumers by delivering projects based on Web 3.0 technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, IoT, and Blockchain. Our expert team will serve you by turning your great ideas into innovative solutions.

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