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How to Hire a Blockchain Developer?

Over the last few years, the world of business has seen an explosion of crowdfunding, Token Generating Events (TGEs) and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). With Blockchain being the underlying technology in all these events, the demand for Blockchain developers has been off the charts! The shortage of professionals in this field, given the newness of the technology, has also added to the demand.

Blockchain technology has grown from its role of being a passion to one of the most sort after technologies today. Now that the various benefits of the technology have been analyzed, big businesses are jumping on the bandwagon to incorporate it for gainful use in their numerous platforms.

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Why the demand for Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology is the most sought-after technology today for the various features it imparts to an application. Some of the most significant features of Blockchain are described in detail below.

  • Decentralized Technology

The decentralized technology offers a peer to peer operation, making use of the security that is provided by the distributed nature of Blockchain. This makes it a prominent technology in the field of finance, stock exchange, and the kind.

  • Robustness

In an application based on Blockchain technology, the data are stored in blocks that are synchronized chronologically. These blocks cannot be operated by any single individual, making them one of the most robust and secure pieces of technology.

  • Transparency

Any change to the information on a Blockchain can be made with a huge amount of computing power only.  Also, as the information is stored on the network, the majority should agree for the change to be reflected, making it a transparent system.

  • Accountability

Blockchain Technology is now considered to be synonymous with accountability today. Any transaction on a Blockchain can be changed only on agreement with the permission of the majority on the network, adding accountability to the operation.

While hiring a Blockchain developer…..

Blockchain developers are high in demand and the task of recruiting someone so sought after is no easy task. As Blockchain technology has had this enormous boost, in the recent times, you would need to have new tactics out to find the best.

Be sure of what you are looking for

Before you embark on the task to find the best blockchain professional for your project, have some of these basic facts straight.

  • What kind of blockchain developers would be suitable for your project?
  • The technology, length and nature of the project?
  • How many experts would you need on the project?

These factors are dependent on the type of your organization, your company and project culture and the work for which you are hiring for. Depending on the nature and length of the project, you can opt for a collaboration, outsource the project, hire an expert or train your team to expertise on Blockchain.

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Understand Blockchain Developers

Blockchain as a commercial interest is relatively new, hence the workforce in the technology has a majority of enthusiasts who are in it for the passion of developing unique and resourceful projects instead of money. They may focus more on the aspects of cryptography and decentralization, in place of financial gains. Hence while hiring a developer, be sure to select a person who fits the company and project nature as well as culture.

Looking in the right places

Blockchain is a relatively new field of technology and finding the right candidate through a regular or traditional method of job ad posting would rarely work. As Blockchain is the hottest pick today and given the small number professionals in the field, they would be actively involved in multiple projects and seeking out work. Hence they need to be found from areas like blockchain forums, discussion platforms or conferences.

Offer what they are looking for

Before you drive a hard bargain, keep in mind that blockchain developers are few in number and too high in demand today. They are also different from usual developers with unique skills. Hence offer them the package they are looking for to get your project done on time with efficiency.

Searching for the right person to take your project on the right track can often be frustrating. Unfortunately, in a high demand field like Blockchain technology, you need to offer more to entice the right resource!

Identifying a great blockchain developer…

So, how do we identify between a good Blockchain developer and a great one? While a good Blockchain developer can get the task done for you, a great one can accomplish your task with credibility, ease and proficiency. So, it is imperative to have one as part of the core team.

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Most developers proficient in Blockchain have strong ideological belief in the theory of decentralisation. They also have mastery and deep fundamental understanding of game theory and economic principles. They have a true passion for technology and are inherently curious by nature.


Hiring the right talent for your company is both critical as well as difficult. Get yourself aware of the various nuances of the technology to have an idea of what to look for in the candidates that you are planning to hire. A company dedicated to Blockchain technology and other functionalities, like PrimaFelicitas would be one of the best options to pursue to get your project done on time and in style!

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