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Blockchain PR 101: From Beginner to Expert

The hype is over and it is time to get serious. Long gone are the days when you can sell any content to your audience and they will take it to hook, line, and sinker. Today, the blockchain and crypto audience is smarter. That means you have to step up your game and improve your blockchain PR.

So, what should your blockchain PR look like? Why should you even get involved in blockchain PR in the first place? What benefits can you look forward to achieving when you invest in good blockchain PR? If there are questions you have been brooding over, then you need to read this definitive guide to the end.

Whether you are new to blockchain PR or you have some industry experience already, you are sure to learn a lot from this post. So, relax as we guide you through all you need to become a blockchain PR expert. To give an in-depth perspective and guide, this post will focus on the following topics:

  • Understanding the evolving blockchain landscape.
  • What is blockchain PR?
  • Why invest in blockchain PR.
  • How to cut through the crowded blockchain marketing landscape with Blockchain PR.
  • How to communicate brand-new and complex technology to an audience in an easy-to-understand way.
  • Blockchain PR Budget Constraint: How to Prioritize.
  • Future-proof Blockchain PR Strategies.

Understanding the Evolving Blockchain Landscape

Understanding the Evolving Blockchain Landscape

Blockchain and crypto terrain is undoubtedly one of the youngest and successful industries in the contemporary economy. Unfortunately, operating in a successful industry does not make you a success. Your success depends on how fast you can control the public perception of your business. 

This involves streamlining your messages and providing on-time information about the value that your products and services deliver. The blockchain market has grown significantly over the last two years, with thousands of projects cropping up now and then. 

How do you get your voice to be heard in this crowded market? How do you gain traction amid this ocean of projects? PR and digital marketing are the only way out. Blockchain PR has proven to be the most efficient method for organizations that want to make the most of their marketing strategy.

Guerilla Buzz is one of the leading Blockchain PR management companies that can help you develop a fool-proof PR strategy to achieve your marketing objectives.

Without a doubt, the role of blockchain PR is critical in converting crypto disciples and educating the public. Blockchain PR entails the management of communications between blockchain and crypto companies and stakeholders, including customers, investors, and the general public. 

Failing in PR efforts means that you miss out on sales opportunities, new customers, and new business partners. 

What is Blockchain PR?

Having given a background to blockchain technology and landscape, it is essential to understand Blockchain PR before going into other details. So, what is Blockchain PR? 

good background in Blockchain PR

Blockchain PR is a professional activity that involves the creation, cultivation, and sustenance of the brand identity of a crypto company within and outside of the crypto community. This exercise involves creating and putting out content on targeted platforms on the internet.

The content varies in form and is determined by the objective of the PR campaign per time. It can cover detailed articles to educate on cryptocurrency and snippets on strategic social media platforms. The blockchain market is a fast-growing industry and according to TechJury, blockchain solutions spending is estimated to increase to about $11.7 billion by 2022. 

That means the industry is as lucrative as one of the best industries in the modern economy. The only issue is in getting started in the market. With thousands of projects being launched every other month, a blockchain-based business must do more than just have a product, a website, and social media handles. 

Now, that is where Blockchain PR comes in. An organization that invests in a strong Blockchain PR strategy will be equipped with the right ingredients to build a brand with strong authority that engenders trust in the blockchain community.

Why invest in Blockchain PR

Now that we have a good background in Blockchain PR, it is time to look at why investing in it is worth it. Why should you put your money in Blockchain PR? What are the benefits associated with this practice that is worth the investment? Here are your answers!

  • Blockchain PR helps your crypto business increase its brand authenticity and authority.
  • Increase traffic to your crypto projects, including your Initial DEX Offering (IDO) and Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).
  • Attracts new investors and business partners and ultimately boosts funding.

How to Cut through the Crowded Blockchain Marketing Landscape with Blockchain PR?

It is a fact that when you create engaging and relevant content, you give your blockchain brand a competitive edge that makes it stand out. The question is, how do you get started? How do you cut through the crowded marketing landscape with your content? 

The first step is to research your market. If you think about it, it makes little sense to jump into PR content strategy and development without adequate research into the market. Before you design your content strategy, you should have clear answers to the following questions:

  • What differentiates my brand from the competition? That is your unique selling point.
  • What are the major interests, challenges, and pain points of my audience?
  • Who are the top brand influencers within my space? These may include social media personalities, crypto journalists, and business and thought leaders, among others.

You should never develop or implement a content strategy without answering these questions. When you have answers to these questions, follow the next steps.

  • Decide on a Brand Voice

You cannot cut through the noise of the crowded marketplace without a distinctive brand voice. What kind of voice do you want your brand to have? Authoritative, Conversational, Knowledgeable, Witty, and Passionate – these are some options of brand voices in the market. When choosing a brand voice, ensure it connects with and suits your audience.

  • Choose a Brand Identity

We are in a visual world and people connect more with visuals. Therefore, you must put a lot of thought into developing your brand identity. Create a highly impactful, visual-driven brand identity that your audience will not forget easily.

  • Have a Roadmap

For your audience to take you seriously, you must be accountable. The blockchain business world has witnessed several dodgy ICOs and glossy whitepapers with no concrete direction. To stand out from the crowd, you must develop and share a clear roadmap with your audience and keep to the timeline. 

This will give you natural content as you can weave real-world case studies, research, and use cases into your content strategy. Presenting this to potential clients and investors will surely get their attention and distinguish you from competitors.

How to communicate Brand New Complex Technology to an Audience in an easy-to-understand way

The blockchain industry is still growing with new adopters coming into the market daily. These new adopters are often clueless about what the industry is all about but want to join anyway. To attract these groups and even the seemingly knowledgeable prospects, you have to be as accessible and concise as possible. 

Blockchain PR is not about feeling good about yourself or your knowledge. It is about communicating to your audience in the language they understand. So, avoid the use of jargon in your communication at all costs. Understandably, you cannot go basic for all your audiences. 

It may be a good idea to create different content streams that will cater to the needs of business leaders with minimal blockchain knowledge, new investors with little to no blockchain knowledge, and blockchain experts. 

This way, you can customize your messages to resonate with your different audiences. It is also a great idea to use customers’ and investors’ stories to demonstrate your technology. Try to highlight the different practical applications of your product instead of the technical abilities. 

While blockchain experts may be fascinated by the state-of-the-art features of your product, investors and business leaders will connect better with the general benefits of the product, such as lower costs, improved efficiency, and others.

Blockchain PR Budget Constraint: How to Prioritize

One of the biggest challenges in Blockchain PR is budget constraint. You have several funnels that you can explore, including email newsletters, blogs, social media, podcasts, crypto forums, research & surveys, case studies, contributed articles, and so on but you have minimal budget to work with. 

So, what do you do? Without a doubt, choosing the specific areas to focus on when you have limited resources is very daunting. The advice is that you should not spread yourself thin. Try to be as realistic about your resources and budget. 

Digital pR

It is better to use fewer channels and create consistent and quality content than many channels with less content. If you have a stretched team, the rule of thumb is to create content that can be used and repurposed. For example, you can create infographics of a case study and break them into a series of social media posts. 

This will give you more content over a period. Remember, your audience must be at the core of your content. That is why the first point, which is to research your market, is critical. You must put your content where your audiences are and not where you think they should be. 

You will have some misses but as your PR strategy evolves and you get more clarity about your audience, you learn and become better at deploying the right Blockchain PR strategy. Finally, define clear KPIs to monitor the performance of your Blockchain PR initiatives and the success achieved. 

You should also keep an eye on your competitions and measure their progress vis-à-vis yours. It is a great idea to analyze your competitors’ activities and progress. Additionally, constantly measure and refine your PR strategy using data points. 

With this, you can look forward to reaping the rewards of a good Blockchain PR strategy for your blockchain business.

Future-proof Blockchain PR Strategies

Without PR, communication between organizations and their stakeholders and the public is almost non-existence. However, with a good Blockchain PR, crypto companies can build a strong presence and establish authority in the crypto community. 

So, what PR strategies can you explore? Here are the top five future-proof blockchain PR strategies that will deliver returns on investment.

  • Establish a Strong Industry Voice

Your target market will only listen to reputable industry voices. Therefore, you must seek to build and establish a strong voice in the blockchain industry. Create relevant, high-quality, and regular content that your audience would want to consume. 

Your audience is always looking for information. So, create content that provides needed information and establish your brand as a thought leader with a strong industry voice.

  • Maximize your Use of SEO

If your content is not SEO-optimized, you might have not put out any content. Your Blockchain PR efforts must focus on optimizing SEO. If not, your content will not rank enough on search engines and you will not gain the visibility you need. 

SCO Process

It is recommended that you understand your analytics to identify topics and keywords that are top of mind for your audience. What types of content is your audience looking for? When you put out such messages, what does the analysis say about the readers/viewers? How is your content impacting your organic growth?

  • Engage new Marketing tools

Although email marketing is not a new concept, it can significantly impact your PR efforts. You can use email marketing to keep your investors, partners, and the public up to date about your company’s projects and events. Influencer marketing and social media are also great ways to reach a wider audience and establish credibility for your brand.

  • Use Podcasts

Over the years, podcasts have become very popular. You can engage podcasts to engage a wider audience and educate them on crypto projects. Audio content is undoubtedly more effective, making them a great tool to create awareness for projects. Podcasts can be repurposed as articles or blogs, which you can post on your website or other platforms for people that do not consume audio.

  • Crisis Management Strategy

The need for Blockchain PR is very significant when a brand needs to create a crisis management strategy. It is important to have an effective crisis management strategy in place. Organizations can manage rumors about their products and company with appropriate PR methods while ensuring the public’s continuous trust in their brand.


Irrespective of the objectives of a blockchain company, the place of an effective Blockchain PR cannot be underemphasized. Beyond having a good PR strategy, it is crucial to incorporate the right approach focusing on the target audience and competition in the deployment of the strategy. 

A rightly deployed PR strategy will establish the authority of a company in the industry and distinguish them from the crowd.

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