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How Artificial Intelligence can solve big issues like Pandemic, Climate Change, Inequality The latest modifications in the technology industry are showcasing to be beneficial in almost every sector. More focus is now on Artificial Intelligence (AI) reducing the gap made by our predecessors in the pre-internet era. The gap which led to the various natural […]

Busting Myths Around BLOCKCHAIN Ecosystem & Cryptocurrencies The idea of Blockchain came into existence around 1991. But it’s only around 2008, credit to the whitepaper from Satoshi Nakamoto on “Bitcoin: A Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System”, the platform on which a bitcoin could be utilized started becoming popular. As the decentralized and digitalized currency seemed promising […]

Perceived potential of Blockchain Technology in IP protection Blockchain’s blueprint perceived as an entity has alleviated several hurdles of the society to date. But to make that stimulation constant, the inter-connection of the blockchain technology and intellectual property (IP) protection is required promptly. For a blockchain developer, having his/her copyright/trademark/patent/trade secrets is crucial otherwise a […]

Re-Emergence of Crypto-currencies in India. 1-Step Closer to 5 Trillion Dollar! Cryptocurrency, an internet-based medium of exchange of currencies that are used to conduct financial transactions uses Blockchain technology for decentralization, transparency, and immutability. It came into usage around 2012 but got the hype around 2014. In India, it’s only recently (2013) that start-ups began […]

Running a business in the digital age is no easy feat. This is especially true nowadays, when consumer data security is at the forefront of the conversation. Data breaches have hit even some of the biggest multinationals out there, enabling the exposure of sensitive user data and compromising the privacy and trust of their customers. […]

3 Common Blockchain Traps to Avoid There are many myths and common traps surrounding blockchain that are hindering businesses from fully harnessing its true potential. Although the technology is now past the “trough of disillusionment” phase, many business executives are still not fully confident in their understanding of blockchain. Debunking these blockchain traps can help business […]

Blockchain for Enterprises Blockchain has entered its third generation and the key target is enterprises. In its metamorphosis it has taken Bitcoin and Ethereum’s most useful features and tailored them to suit the growing needs of large organizations looking for tracking, traceability, confidentiality, transparency, operational cost reduction and transaction cost reduction. When looking for a […]

Governments around the globe can gain immensely from implementing emerging innovative technologies like IoT, AI, Big Data and Blockchain. These technologies will ensure better interactions and transactions with citizens and other countries. At this point of time, the most invaluable emerging technology for governments is Blockchain. This technology can reduce bureaucracy, increase administrative process efficiencies […]