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Process simplified-Create NFT for your digital assets In early 2018, CryptoKitties, an innovation-driven product, became one of the first NFT projects to grab the attention of the crypto community. This original game was developed using a non-fungible token. Any NFT is a non-interchangeable unit of data. The new game became very popular in a short […]

In the present global market scenario (21st century), liquidity is becoming one of the crucial factor/s quotidians. Before 2008, liquidity majorly focused on stocks, bonds, property, etc, but since 2008 (Bitcoin’s Whitepaper entering the market) it is shifting towards digital-decentralized liquidity via blockchain and similar platforms. Needless to point out that the factors affecting the […]

After the inception of the World Wide Web/the Internet, numerous up-gradations have happened. Similarly, the same is being seen in the blockchain-run platforms and architectures. As blockchain operates via a decentralized framework, consensus algorithms are the common factor through which a platform or an application operates. This piece focuses on the consensus algorithm Proof of […]

With more technological applications and platforms getting developed that can resolve problems having single and multi-faceted angles, blockchain is one technology among a few that is being perceived as the Internet of the 21st century. For someone new to the keyword ‘blockchain’, it consists of digital records (data stored in a tabular format) which are […]