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With more technological applications and platforms getting developed can resolve problems having single and multi-faceted angles, blockchain is one technology among a few that is being perceived as the Internet of the 21st century. For someone new to the keyword ‘blockchain’, it consists of digital records (data stored in a tabular format) which are referred […]

To say that Hollywood is behind with inclusiveness isn’t just becoming more commonly evident—it’s a mathematical certainty. While NPR reports that half of the US population identify as female and nearly 40% of Americans identify as being part of an underrepresented racial or ethnic group, the representation of them on-screen doesn’t match. According to the […]

There’s a famous saying, “a coin has two sides”, or “a sword is double-edged”. Similarly, decentralized financial platforms and applications are currently perceived as the above illustrations by a few experts in the technology and financial industry as well. In layman words, front runners/front running has some interconnection to the old days when stocks were […]

The explosion of cryptocurrency over the past decade comes due to the massive leaps in advancements in blockchain technology. For those looking to become blockchain developers, among the many programming languages you can leverage is Java. If you have to start from the basics, Java development is the way to go. As blockchain is still […]