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Currently, the NFT marketplace is overflowing with a large number of creators, collectors, and investors. With this much amount of money flowing through, how can’t it be the hot target of hackers?  Recently, it was reported that OpenSea, the biggest NFT marketplace, was compromised by attackers in May 2022. The hackers probably hacked one of […]

As the NFT marketplace is growing at an exponential rate, it is common to see new vulnerabilities emerging every day. The NFT marketplace is an online platform where people sell their digital assets. One of the common scam practices that are popular in the NFT marketplace is Wash Trading. Wash Trading is the repeated buying […]

Blockchain technology has recently emerged as a potential technology for storing your data digitally. The innovative solutions of blockchain technology resolve various complex issues faced by crypto users. Many experts consider it a new buzz that defines various standard protocols to make the process more efficient. There is a huge demand for blockchain technology which […]