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Long gone are those days where financial institutions used to assist in almost every step in one’s life whether it be regarding healthcare, corporate or personal relationships, supply-chain of daily products/services used, etc. In a sense, the centralized framework or authoritative architecture is being re-looked/revamped/re-structured holistically. The most appropriate alternative at the moment is the […]

What is Blockchain in Reality? Blockchain has been at the receiving side of the humungous attention since bitcoin started becoming known and popular. Like many news channels over hype and focuses less on the details, a similar scenario could be said to be happening in the overall blockchain ecosystem as well. To give a quick […]

Primarily conceived as a technological basis for trading cryptocurrencies, blockchain has risen to become a popular platform capable of pushing the entire world forward. Yes, if developed and applied properly, blockchain can serve many a purpose in today’s tech-driven world, helping entire industries grow and evolve while ensuring next-level security and the complete safety of sensitive […]

DeFi : Why Bitcoin’s Decentralized Financial System is Important for Human Rights? Since the inception of Blockchain, Bitcoin, and related technological architectures, the focal area mostly has been around financial services, medical and healthcare industry, logistics, and transportation industry. But one may see it as focusing just on the short-term and neglecting the long-term alterations […]

Quick Guide on Mechanics of Bitcoin Trade There have been distinct modes of trading from the time humans lived in caves, started cultivating fruits and vegetables, to recently using physical and/or digital currencies. Using Bitcoin while trading could be perceived as an up-gradation to the utilization of credit or debit cards. Doing financial transactions through Bitcoin […]

In bitcoin, is anonymous really anonymous? With an increase in the utilization and popularity of bitcoins and the overall blockchain ecosystem, anonymousness in transactions is becoming the preference of many users. There’s some distinction between anonymity while transacting via cryptocurrency, and anonymity while using a search engine. As Bitcoin’s one of the many fundamental principles […]

Busting Myths Around BLOCKCHAIN Ecosystem & Cryptocurrencies The idea of Blockchain came into existence around 1991. But it’s only around 2008, credit to the whitepaper from Satoshi Nakamoto on “Bitcoin: A Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System”, the platform on which a bitcoin could be utilized started becoming popular. As the decentralized and digitalized currency seemed promising […]

Perceived potential of Blockchain Technology in IP protection Blockchain’s blueprint perceived as an entity has alleviated several hurdles of the society to date. But to make that stimulation constant, the inter-connection of the blockchain technology and intellectual property (IP) protection is required promptly. For a blockchain developer, having his/her copyright/trademark/patent/trade secrets is crucial otherwise a […]

Re-Emergence of Crypto-currencies in India. 1-Step Closer to 5 Trillion Dollar! Cryptocurrency, an internet-based medium of exchange of currencies that are used to conduct financial transactions uses Blockchain technology for decentralization, transparency, and immutability. It came into usage around 2012 but got the hype around 2014. In India, it’s only recently (2013) that start-ups began […]