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Why do you need a Smart Contract audit?

A smart contract ensures total decentralization, transparency and automation. However it is important to ensure the security of smart contracts too. Iron out the kinks in your Smart Contract with the expertise of the best Smart Contract Audit developers at PrimaFelicitas.

Advantages of a Smart Contract Audit

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Participant Neutrality

Smart Contract runs by rules and remains unbaised towards any participants.
Time saving

Time Saving

Smart Contract actions are automated and everything is done by prescribed code.

Data Safety

Cyber attacks cannot effect the decentralized storage of smart contract data.

Absolute Precision

A smart contract is executed in a way and at the time described in the smart contract code.

Our Audit Methodology

Smart contract audit involves both subjective assessments of the overall design and architecture as well as objective findings from the code. We employ the industry standard methodology for the identification of security issues.
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Static Analysis

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Dynamic Analysis

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Manual Testing

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Manual Code review


Why Choose PrimaFelicitas ?

We follow the best established standards of Smart Contract development and thoroughly evaluate the smart contract code to ensure readability and maintainability.

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Industries we serve

While these are some of the industries we have worked with, our Blockchain developers are well equipped to offer solutions to help grow your business digitally.
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Retail and E-Commerce

End to end solutions to satisfy customer needs.

Banking and Finance

Managing daily workflows.
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Travel and Hospitality

Helps build reliable and resourceful travel apps.


Create solutions to revolutionize healthcare sector.


Incorporates the benefits of decentralization for trading.
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Integrates Blockchain to reinvent gaming platform.

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Blockchain can be applied in almost any industry. We help innovators create their idea and well-thought business process for an industry. Our client’s fully trust and enjoy working with us.