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Private blockchain

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Private Blockchain Services for your organization

Imbibe the best of centralization with an ecosystem of tools and services built specifically around private blockchain to build decentralized applications at the best private blockchain development company.

Why opt for a Private Blockchain?

Build fast and simple proprietary solutions on permissioned Blockchain using our exemplary private blockchain services.

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Secure Transactions

Ensures secure transactions as each block in the network is managed by a private entity.
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Reliable Operation

Guarantees a shared system with real-time updation of all nodes across the network.
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Strengthens Trust

Builds trust among participants of a network with the capability to view the most recent data.
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No single point of failure as they function as a shared database without a central authority.
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Higher ability than public networks due to a limited number of members.
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Transaction Speed

Faster than public networks owing to higher levels of trust and lower number of cross point checks.

Our Blockchain Technology Platforms

We employ up-to-the-minute technologies to provide innovative solutions to our clients’ business needs. We indulge in staying abreast with the market and ahead in honing the technologies of the future.
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Why Choose PrimaFelicitas for Blockchain?

Industries we serve

While these are some of the industries we have worked with, our Blockchain developers are well equipped to offer solutions to help grow your business digitally.
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Retail and E-Commerce

End to end solutions to satisfy customer needs.

Banking and Finance

Managing daily workflows.
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Travel and Hospitality

Helps build reliable and resourceful travel apps.


Create solutions to revolutionize healthcare sector.


Incorporates the benefits of decentralization for trading.
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Integrates Blockchain to reinvent gaming platform.

forward-thinking full service blockchain development company in us

Share your business goals with us

Blockchain can be applied in almost any industry. We are a first-rate private blockchain development company that helps innovators create their idea and well-thought business process for an industry elegantly. Our client’s fully trust and enjoy working with us.