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ICO/STO Development

ICO/STO Website Design Development

Launch your ICO/STO campaign

ICOs/STO have truly democratized startup funding. Our complete set of ICO/STO Website Design Development services lets you access the vast funding pool. We help launch startups from scratch and successfully raise funding through the ICO/STO website.

ico consult

ICO/STO Consulting

Our Silicon Valley based business evaluation experts review projects and give a candid feedback helping reframe and reposition in order to launch a successful ICO/STO campaign. We offer guidance on choosing the technology stack.

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White Paper Creation

Based on our detailed discussions and research of the space, we come up with a detailed white paper that helps in fundraising. We can also help with the creation of Technical Paper writing that further helps in establishing a startups credibility and fundraising profile.
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ICO/STO Website Design Development

We develop websites that run ICO/STO campaigns. We can custom build the platform to accept Private, Pre-ICO/STO and ICO/STO funds. The platform can be customized for multiple funding rounds. We can create specific Pre-ICO/STO Landing Page which can later on be evolved into a regular business website.

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ICO/STO Marketing & Promotion

Given the large number of ICOs/STO hitting markets every day, it has really become an uphill task to succeed and get investor’s attention & money without a very ICOs/STO be successful and get users on the platform through our end to end Digital Marketing services such as ICO/STO SEO, ICO/STO Community Build.
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Coin Creation

We write codes to create custom coins for the project that are ERC20 compliant as well. Whether the coins are to be pre-mined, mined later on or some combination we can help.
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Wallet Creation

Developing a Wallet is key to accepting the token crowdsales proceeds. We here to help with custom Wallet development that can accept multiple cryptocurrencies as well.

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Bounty Programs

In Bounty Programs, We can help you in creating a Pre-Bounty Programs to give your cryptocurrency project a improved presence on the social media. With our Post-ICO/STO Bounty Programs, we here to ensure your ICO/STO project sees continuous improvement with help the of community suggestions. 
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Token Distribution

We can program entire token distribution process. Depending on project approach we can either have tokens transferred on funds receipt or subsequently after a cooling period. We can automate sales process designing incentive schemes, referral programs and special offers for coin holders.
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More Services...

At PrimaFelicitas we act as facilitators for startups looking to launch their innovative products via crypto-token crowdsales ICO/STO website. Our end to end Digital Marketing efforts ensure that the ICO/STO is duly promoted prior to actual token sales thus helping achieve funding targets. We also assign dedicated community managers, a very critical role that promptly & responsibly address all queries.

Other services includes

looking for blockchain technology partner?

Blockchian Technology Solutions and Services

Blockchain technology is constantly reinventing itself, we can help you with both technological exploration and implementation front.

are you a startup planning to raise money through an ico/STO?

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Engage our highly competent ICO/STO consultants to create innovative ICO/STO platforms. Simply sign the contract with us after summarizing your product idea and token concepts. We will take care of the rest.