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Supply Chain Blockchain Development

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Be a Step Ahead with Supply Chain Blockchain Integration

Boost your supply chain experience with transparent, blockchain optimized processes and gain immediate control over your assets.

Supply Chain Management: The Current Scenario

From global enterprise companies to smaller wholesalers today, every organization faces several obstacles and hazards in product supply and distribution.
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Untraceable Assets

Susceptible to Fraud

Susceptible to Fraudulence

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Prone to theft & loss

Unidentifiable delays

Unaccounted supply delays

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Incomplete & unreliable information

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Undue cost attached to paperwork & inventory

How Blockchain Benefits Supply Chain Management

Blockchain changes the landscape of enterprise supply chain market by introducing a myriad of features to make different supply chain operations cost and time effective.
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End to End

Easily track the properties, origin and movement of assets across the different trade zones.
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Eliminate fraud and thefts by storing the decentralized and encrypted records on blockchain.
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Improve and simplify the arrival, departure & other operations of the shipments by smart contract based automation.
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Compliance and

Verify, certify and comply with the different regulations for the easier maintenance of assets and resources as well.
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Allows seamless communication among multiple entities using automatic contract verification and electronic signatures.
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Decrease process complexity with blockchain stored records available instantly to all parties involved in trade.

Why PrimaFelicitas?

Ensure better trade and happier customers by adopting Blockchain in your business with one of the best supply chain blockchain companies in the world.
Utilize the expertise of our customized blockchain solutions and products.
Employ cutting edge blockchain solutions to drive your company’s success.
Benefit from the specialized skill of our in-house cross functional team.
Implement unique and highly researched strategies to improve your services.

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Our Blockchain Technology Platforms

We employ up-to-the-minute technologies to provide innovative solutions to our clients’ business needs. We indulge in staying abreast with the market and ahead in honing the technologies of the future.

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Industries we serve

While these are some of the industries we have worked with, our Blockchain developers are well equipped to offer solutions to help grow your business digitally.
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Retail and E-Commerce
End to end solutions to satisfy customer needs.
Banking and Finance
Managing daily workflows.
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Travel and Hospitality
Helps build reliable and resourceful travel apps.
Create solutions to revolutionize healthcare sector.
Incorporates the benefits of decentralization for trading.
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Integrates Blockchain to reinvent gaming platform.

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Blockchain can be applied in almost any industry. We help innovators create their idea and well-thought business process for an industry. Our client’s fully trust and enjoy working with us.