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Custom NFT marketplace development Services


Why do you need a Custom NFT Marketplace Development platform?



End to end solutions to satisfy customer needs.

Digital Asset

End to end solutions to satisfy customer needs.

High Level of Security

End to end solutions to satisfy customer needs.

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Robust Custom NFT
Marketplace Development

Our team carries 10 years of deep experience in the blockchain domain that provides fully customized solutions.

NFT Marketplace Support & Maintenance

We provide non-stop monitoring and persistent maintenance and support to the custom NFT Market.

NFT Smart Contract Audit

Our adept experts are proficient in auditing services and ensure that smart contracts implement smoothly.

NFT Token Standard Development

We provide a broad range of tokens that support the platform and allow a seamless trading experience.

Our Tech Stack that leverage the NFT Platform Development


Our Commitment

PrimaFelicitas is a premier Custom NFT marketplace development company, delighting its global clientele through seamless engagement and brilliant work ethic.


End-to-End Support

We offer full-cycle development solutions to NFT development projects. Our experts take you from consultation to project launch and support continued assistance post-launch.

Timeline Adherence

We maintain a record of delighting our clients by delivering the highest quality well ahead of stipulated timelines.

Deeply Experienced Team

We house a highly experienced team with expertise across multiple blockchains and technologies to guide you with the best possible solution for your requirements.

Unbending NDAs

At PrimaFelicitas, we value the potential of an idea. Hence, we maintain project confidentiality as per the clients’ demands.

Client-First Approach

Our team hand-holds the client through the project scoping, launch, and maintenance stages of the project to help them harness the best from each endeavor.

Impenetrable Security

Our security experts ensure impassable security which is the highest priority of blockchain products.


The Custom NFT Marketplace represents an online marketplace in which creators trade their non-fungible virtual products allowing buyers to develop them utilizing cryptocurrencies.
It basically depends upon the user’s requirement and the types of features they need in the NFT platform development. It nearly takes four to six months to launch a Custom NFT Marketplace platform.
Our Custom NFT Marketplace consists of several payment methods, such as debit and credit cards, digital currencies, fiat currency transfers etcetera.
The cost needed to launch an NFT Marketplace relies on various factors like blockchain platform selection, geographical location, the scope of the project, and manpower.
According to the norms, the ERC-721 standard is utilized to develop the non-fungible token.

Go ahead to the contact us page, and share your requirements and contact details in brief through your chosen mode. Our consultants will connect with you and schedule the further process. You can also mail us at hello@primafelicitas.com

PrimaFelicitas enjoys a top-notch clientele as it maintains unbending NDAs with all its clients across all phases of project development.

Why PrimaFelicitas?

A company with 100% dedication to blockchain and emerging technologies is the choice of the wise to drive their NFT projects to fruition. We have a team proficient in delivering projects across multiple blockchains, technology tools, and security protocols.
Our comprehensive solutions incorporate the following capabilities:
  • Blockchains Platforms:
Ethereum, Tezos, Cardano, Polkadot, Hue, Flow, Binance
  • Storage Solutions:
IPFS (interplanetary file system), MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, NoSQL
  • Frameworks:
Solidity, React Native, Springs, Express JS, Node Js, Angular

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