The Unlock Blockchain event presented us the perfect opportunity to meet with a number of Blockchain enthusiasts from different parts of the world. The event, held from 15th to 16th January 2016 at Dubai, UAE saw an attendance of over 350 regional and international participants.

The event hosted over 58 prominent speakers, including representatives from KSA, Oman, Europe and UAE, who discussed the possibilities and future trends of Blockchain Technology from the aspect of a business solution. PrimaFelicitas CEO and Co-Founder, Anurag Yadav was a part of the speaking panel, moderating the panel discussion on the topic “If I were an AI & you were a Blockchain, how would we Tango in Smart City?”

The panel discussed the role of AI in Blockchain to enhance the quality and efficiencies of offering in Smart Cities. The event was also sponsored by PrimaFelicitas. The event helped in creating an all-around awareness about Blockchain technology and building strong partnerships in different projects in the field.

The event crafted a seamless space for growing the massive community of Blockchain enthusiasts, start-ups, implementers, researchers and developers.