Our Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

We build distributed ledger solutions for enterprise by leveraging the modular architecture of the resilient, scalable and flexible Hyperledger platform. The uniquely extensible features of the platform helps it stand apart from the usual blockchain solutions.

The Hyperledger Model Features

Hyperledger enables you to model your business network by incorporating all business data and transactions on it.


Allows the exchange of all valuables across the network framework


Provides the flexibility and scalability required for enterprise blockchain solutions.


Executes smart contracts to increase network performance and scalability

Ledger Features

Shared and immutable ledger that encodes the complete transaction history.

Hyperledger Technology Variants

Our Hyperledger Blockchain Development Process

Identifying the right path

Our team will work with you to set clear concepts, validate the concepts and identify probable bottlenecks. This would help in avoiding unwanted costs and confusion during the development phase.

  • Perform market analysis and feasibility study
  • Find suitable business models
  • Develop multi-platform strategies
  • Choose the right technology stack
  • Craft scalability and security roadmap

The UI/UX design

Our primary aim lies in ensuring future growth by ensuring user satisfaction and adoption. We accomplish this by performing user- centric analysis that helps create well informed decisions.

  • Map user journey
  • Identify user, business or technical constraints
  • Create prototypes and mockups
  • Set usability metrics
  • Ensure flawless user experience across platforms

Development and Testing

Our goal is to create secure, scalable and functional products by combining engineering with quality analysis. This will help incorporate new features and functionalities thereby increasing the user base.

  • Flexible, robust backend
  • High grade information security
  • Assured continuous delivery process
  • Full-fledged testing framework across platforms
  • End to end testing solutions; UI, functional and integration

Why PrimaFelicitas?

Why Choose PrimaFelicitas for Blockchain?

  • Trusted expert support with an experience of 3 years in Blockchain Technology
  • Consulting services from experts who are active on the global Blockchain industry platform
  • On time delivery and assured quality of service from tech savvy professionals
  • A strong NDA and compliance with major regulations such as GDPR, AML and KYC

Our Hyperledger Use cases

While these are some of the industries that would benefit from Hyperledger Blockchain solutions our developers are well equipped to help you grow your business.

Retail and E-Commerce

End to end solutions to satisfy customer needs

Banking and Finance

Managing daily workflows

Travel and Hospitality

Helps build reliable and resourceful travel apps


Create solutions to revolutionize healthcare sector


Incorporates the benefits of decentralization for trading


Integrates Blockchain to reinvent gaming platform

Forward-thinking Full service Blockchain Development Company in US

Share your business goals with us

Blockchain can be applied in almost any industry. We help innovators create their idea and well-thought business process for an industry. Our client's fully trust and enjoy working with us.