Bringing your ideas to life

We help our clients solve real world business problems through the custom software designed to achieve their goals with impactful, industry-specific software solutions. We believe in staying in forefront with technology, leveraging their crucial benefits.Our services mainly revolve around emerging technologies that show a lot of promise in widening the scope of innovation.

We bring your ideas to life with emerging technologies….


Augmented Reality

Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things

Cloud Computing


Mobile Development

Website Development

Our Services

Enterprise Software Solutions

Enterprise software solution development warrants an in depth knowledge of business functions along with technology and design. We have both at PrimaFelicitas! With an experience of developing cutting edge solutions, we create solutions that ranks high in terms of user experience, reliability and security.

Web Application Development

PrimaFelicitas has a team of web developers, well experienced in the ins and outs of different web technologies. We are adept at building B2B and B2C applications that address the needs of businesses today. We offer solutions that are well aligned with your business needs.

Solution Upgrades and Migration

Our services include solution upgradation and migration as well, along with development of software solutions from the scratch. We assist you find the best solutions for your business while keeping efficiency and productivity at forefront. The upgrades are designed to ensure efficiency and productivity in the forefront.

Software Reengineering/Recovery

Every business aims to keep their users happy and you can with a flawless system. We provide comprehensive software reengineering and recovery services that would help overcome challenges such as security issues, architectural flaws, scalability and reliability problems while improving the existing business solution.

Rapid Prototyping for Start-ups

The approach of prototyping improves the planning and execution of software applications, especially in the case of start-ups. This model helps in ascertaining the feasibility and compatibility of a software application.







Consultancy is at the core of everything we do.

Share your business goals with us

For committed sellers and manufacturers who are providing best products and best services, established marketplaces are providing a great selling opportunity. We can help you in making the most of these platforms.

Our Journey

Identifying the right path

Our team will work with you to set clear concepts, validate the concepts and identify probable bottlenecks. This would help in avoiding unwanted costs and confusion during the development phase.

  • Perform market analysis and feasibility study
  • Find suitable business models
  • Develop multi-platform strategies
  • Choose the right technology stack
  • Craft scalability and security roadmap

The UI/UX design

Our primary aim lies in ensuring future growth by ensuring user satisfaction and adoption. We accomplish this by performing user- centric analysis that helps create well informed decisions.

  • Map user journey
  • Identify user, business or technical constraints
  • Create prototypes and mockups
  • Set usability metrics
  • Ensure flawless user experience across platforms

Development and Testing

Our goal is to create secure, scalable and functional products by combining engineering with quality analysis. This will help incorporate new features and functionalities thereby increasing the user base.

  • Flexible, robust backend
  • High grade information security
  • Assured continuous delivery process
  • Full-fledged testing framework across platforms
  • End to end testing solutions; UI, functional and integration

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