Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

Digital currencies have grown manifold over the past few years and the same is truefor cryptocurrency wallets. PrimaFelicitas is one of the best cryptocurrency wallet development company in US, UK and India, pioneering in secure and reliable blockchain wallet development.

Why do you need a cryptocurrency wallet?

Faster and Cheaper

Cryptocurrency wallets enable a faster and safer method to manage and transfer
cryptocurrencies, with the help of Blockchain technology.

No Governmental Regulations

As cryptocurrencies are decentralized, they are not affected by any governmental
regulations or economic crisis.

Protection from Inflation

As the production or quantity of certain cryptocurrencies are restricted to a
particular amount, they do not stand the risk of inflation.

User Owned and Generated

Unlike the traditional banking system, cryptocurrency users can invest their tokens at any time and mine their own cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Application Development at PrimaFelicitas

2 Factor Authentication

Setting up two factor authentication ensure better and advanced security for the wallet.

Duplicate Payment Auto Denial

The feature can be highly useful as several currencies do not allow a charge back.

Public Key Auto Generation

This feature makes it difficult to follow the ownership of funds, ensuring better security.

Optional Session Logout

Ensures better security by automatically logging out the customer after a specified

Investment Advice

Offers investment advice to the user, based on the cost of coins.

Recurring Invoicing and Billing

Saves time and effort by establishing a recurring billing and invoicing architecture.

Types of Crypto wallet Applications

At PrimaFelicitas, we are proficient in creating different types of cryptocurrency wallets.

Why Choose PrimaFelicitas for Blockchain?

  • An extensive expertise in Blockchain technology helps you explore diverse possibilities.
  • An efficient team of experts with credible experience in the blockchain field.
  • All round support right from the consulting to the deployment phase.
  • Experience in creating extensive and feature rich cryptocurrency wallet applications.
  • Impeccable custom wallet creation with bank-grade security for faster payment solutions.

Need help with your Blockchain/ICO project?

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