Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development

We develop full-fledged cryptocurrency exchanges that overcome the shortcomings of present-day digital currency trade, making us one of the best cryptocurrency exchange development company in US.

High transactions per second

A higher TPS value yields a better trading experience. At PrimaFelicitas we integrate the right blockchain technologies to provide an incredible performance.

Multi-layer security

We ensure top notch security with extensive security assessment and solutions like multi-signature, SSL implementation and encrypted user access.

KYC, AML Compliance

We develop KYC/AML compliant cryptocurrency exchanges that operate within the regulations of specific countries and allow transactions of large amounts.

Multicurrency support

We create cryptocurrency exchanges that support different asset classes including fiat, cryptocurrencies, tokens, bonds etc. with the help of mutiblockchain functionality.

Margin Trading

We include advanced trading features such as margin trading in our exchanges, where even traders with limited crypto resources can participate in the trade.

Digital Wallet

We develop exchange software with multi-currency crypto wallets that allow secure storage and smooth transactions for a wide array of cryptocurrencies.

Our Development Services

User Friendly exchange development

Our exchanges are built withthe most acclaimed features like user-friendly UI,faster trading, more liquidity,high TPS, support for major crypto markets and multi-language support.

Secured wallet development

We create secured cryptocurrency wallets that can be linked to any exchange for secure transfer of crypto assets from hot wallet to cold wallet, complete with dual sign mechanism.

Exchange Mobile App Development

Allows users to trade multiple cryptocurrencies on the go with crypto exchange mobile apps in both iOS and Android versions, and expand the customer base.

Token Creation

Tokenize assets and trade them on the exchange along with other exchange platforms with the most popular and preferred blockchains.

Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Cycle

Why PrimaFelicitas?

  • Advanced Security Features
  • Our vastly experienced team of experts ensures that security is not compromised at any point of time.
  • Technically Sound Team
  • Benefit from the specialized skill of our in-house cross functional Blockchain team
  • Unparalleled R&D
  • Implement unique and highly researched strategies to develop or improve your trading services

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Blockchain can be applied in almost any industry. We help innovators create their idea and well-thought business process for an industry. Our client's fully trust and enjoy working with us.