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INTRODUCTION Internet of things supports the industries to access information and data. It is the best platform that allows you to make intelligent decisions physically; the timely and relevant insights about your organization and consumers, but these innovative solutions deliver the platform to make better decisions. Internet of things is the physical arrangement of an […]

Stablecoins in the banking business has recently received considerable attention. However, you must know all the upsides and downsides of Stablecoins before putting your bets on stable coins. Bitcoins investors have to experience considerable volatility in prices and this has a significant effect on their investments. Meanwhile, stable coins main objective is to control volatility […]

In blockchain’s ecosystem, with modifications(s) happening since its inception, the need for cryptocurrencies and stable coins to get inter-changed for transaction purpose/s without much friction has come up recently. Separate industries experienced success individually with regards to transparency and accountability. To get economies of scale, the advancement of decentralized exchange trades (DEX) like dYdX have […]

In Marketing/Advertising there’s a saying, “for a product/service to be successful, the specifications need to be relevant, but more importantly, the communication process requires equally if not more focus” (paraphrasing). Similarly, with the decentralized technological platform(s) and applications becoming modified constantly, an appropriate mixture of context and content needs to be applied for the potential […]

Just like software requires regular updates for efficient functioning, similarly, decentralized platforms and applications deployed on it follow a similar pattern. The most researched topic recently has been defining, designing, and building a good decentralized network custodian concerning incentive alignment. Open-source platforms in majority to date have been able to build and deploy platforms and […]

Long gone are those days where financial institutions used to assist in almost every step in one’s life whether it be regarding healthcare, corporate or personal relationships, supply-chain of daily products/services used, etc. In a sense, the centralized framework or authoritative architecture is being re-looked/revamped/re-structured holistically. The most appropriate alternative at the moment is the […]

Governments around the globe can gain immensely from implementing emerging innovative technologies like IoT, AI, Big Data and Blockchain. These technologies will ensure better interactions and transactions with citizens and other countries. At this point of time, the most invaluable emerging technology for governments is Blockchain. This technology can reduce bureaucracy, increase administrative process efficiencies […]

According to a survey earlier this year there are about 9150 active blockchain projects in the GitHub repository. Each one of these projects has its protocol and programming language to ensure security, scalability and privacy. To make these blockchain projects future-proof they should be standardized, thereby allowing them to interact and transact with other existing […]