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DeFi Aggregator – What is it? A DeFi aggregator is a platform that allows users to access various decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols and services in a single place. DeFi protocols are blockchain-based financial services that operate without intermediaries, such as banks, and offer various financial products, such as lending, borrowing, and trading. DeFi aggregators simplify […]

What are decentralized finance services? Decentralized finance services are the new financial paradigms that manage financial transactions using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The objective of the technology is to democratize finance by substituting traditional centralized intermediaries with peer-to-peer relationships to support a wide range of financial services, including banking, mortgages, loans, and asset trading. While […]

The decentralized Finance industry is at crossroads where the next move is bound to define its future- Whether or not to mandate zkKYCs for the users. “zk” stands for zero-knowledge, which means that KYC is possible without actually knowing the details of the individual. zkKYC implies that an organization has proof, say through a referral, […]

A General Idea Of DeFi Flash Loans: The DeFi flash loan is an uncollateralized loan where crypto assets can be borrowed without upfront collateral as long as the borrowed assets are returned in a single, instantaneous transaction. In case, the user is unable to repay the loan before the transaction is completed, the smart contract […]

What is Decentralized Finance? Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is the financial system built on decentralized blockchain technology. It achieves distributed consensus by utilizing smart contracts over the blockchain, such as Ethereum. It is linked explicitly with the Ethereum blockchain and all cryptocurrencies developed on blockchain.Hence, decentralized finance allows two parties to perform transactions securely using a […]

Recently, the Beosin organisation published its 2022 Quarter-2 Web 3.0 Security report. The report comprised of the latest hacks and exploits that affected the blockchain. Nearly $178 Million were compromised due to Web 3.0 related schemes. It was reported that April month was most active in terms of hacking where nearly nineteen major security incidents […]

It cannot be fate that the experts from fundamentally disparate economies acknowledge the revolutionary force that Decentralized Finance is, on the very same day. The economy today, and since forever has favored the wealthy to build their wealth and penalized the financially strained for being so. Decentralized Finance is set to restructure the economic disparity […]

Flash loans are uncollateralized loans that have been introduced via decentralized finance which originally strives to make traditional financial instruments available over the distributed, permissionless, and trustless blockchain network. In 2019 a risk-free borrowing mechanism was introduced by Marble Protocol, on the Ethereum blockchain which was called a “smart bank”. The name was intended to […]