NYM – Holistic Privacy; Why ZKP aren’t enough?! Ever wondered why your Smartphone/laptop/desktop requires constant modification? One reason is that the new security patch provides more inclusive security compared to its predecessor(s). Similarly, in the decentralized ecosystem specifically in blockchain-related platforms and applications, you could say that the successor of ZKP (zero-knowledge proof) is NYM […]

Blockchain: Real-Time Inter-Bank Fund Verification Blockchain technology since the early 2000s has witnessed several transformations (small and big) in a few industries. In the financial services and products industry, where the movie started, is experiencing another alteration which will make the security turn much effective and robust. This piece will talk about the modification of […]

InterChain standards for NFT and Metadata For any application/architecture/application to function at its full potential, synchronization is one of the prerequisites (among other variables). Specifically viewing the blockchain technology from a broader perspective, similar attempts have been going-on since 2017. Synchronization is also seen as an enabler for better scalability among different platforms within the decentralized ecosystem. […]

Stablecoins in the banking business has recently received considerable attention. However, you must know all the upsides and downsides of Stablecoins before putting your bets on stable coins. Bitcoins investors have to experience considerable volatility in prices and this has a significant effect on their investments. Meanwhile, stable coins main objective is to control volatility […]

In blockchain’s ecosystem, with modifications(s) happening since its inception, the need for cryptocurrencies and stable coins to get inter-changed for transaction purpose/s without much friction has come up recently. Separate industries experienced success individually with regards to transparency and accountability. To get economies of scale, the advancement of decentralized exchange trades (DEX) like dYdX have […]

What You Need to Know Before Using Blockchain Tech in Your Business Whether it’s because it attracts more clients or makes your processes more efficient, incorporating the right technologies can help your business succeed. One such technology is blockchain. Indeed, Yahoo states that the global blockchain market size is expected to grow to $39.7 billion in 2025. […]