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What is Blockchain Blockchain maintains an asset provenance trail at every step of the process. This allows consumers to raise concerns about the environment, human rights, or if the industry is plagued by counterfeiting or fraud. Customers can view the origin directly through the process. Additionally, traceability data may reveal inefficiencies in the supply chain. […]

Introduction The metaverse is a virtual space created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical environments, including the use of avatars, text chat, and multimedia. The metaverse is also commonly referred to as cyberspace, Neville, or Cyberia. While some people consider the metaverse to be a purely fictional environment used in science fiction stories and […]

Validator Security: The first step to leveraging PoS Decentralization is the heart of PoS blockchains. Decentralization of security, consensus, ledger storage, and transaction validation is what ensures network and blockchain security. A blockchain is only as secure as its block creation mechanism. Proof of Stake is a mechanism in which token holders in the chain […]