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The decentralized Finance industry is at crossroads where the next move is bound to define its future- Whether or not to mandate zkKYCs for the users. “zk” stands for zero-knowledge, which means that KYC is possible without actually knowing the details of the individual. zkKYC implies that an organization has proof, say through a referral, […]

A General Idea Of DeFi Flash Loans: The DeFi flash loan is an uncollateralized loan where crypto assets can be borrowed without upfront collateral as long as the borrowed assets are returned in a single, instantaneous transaction. In case, the user is unable to repay the loan before the transaction is completed, the smart contract […]

The single-signature wallets have been very significant for performing frequent and daily transactions; however, they form a single-point failure. Compromising a single signature wallet will require only one private key, where the need for a more secure technology comes into light. To overcome this problem, Multi-Signature Wallets were introduced. The multi-signature wallets not only eliminated […]

Nowadays, blockchain technology emerged as a promising technology that stores data electronically in a digital format. The innovation of blockchain technology resolves complex issues by defining impressive solutions for blockchain users. The blockchain plays a significant role in Cryptocurrency Wallet development because it keeps a secure and decentralized record of transactions. As blockchain technology grows, […]